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Fix8:Sed8 - Foren6
Fïx8:Sëd8 are classic representatives of retro electro utilising movie samples, intricate sequences, and mid-tempo beats, so it is obvious that this musical journey is heading towards. Melodic, intricate synth sequences, complex drum patterns, wobbling bass lines as well as appealing harmonic arrangements capture the listener's imagination right from the start.
The complex arrangements are never an end unto themselves, but merely a tool in the struggle against monotony. The bottom line is always a melodic and atmospheric song that consciously needs a concentrated listening and then strongly burns into your mind.
The new album is mastered by fellow musician Thorn (2nd Face), which makes "Foren6" Martin Sane's best-produced record thus far.
Available from 19 May 2017 by Dependent.

01. My Mistress
02. Baptism OF fire
03. Flatline Friend
04. Permanent Memory Loss
05. Section Room
06. Lynch
07. X-Shaped Scratch Mark
08. High Velocity Spatter
09. Puritan
10. Ligamentum
11. Hermaphrodite
12. Eyesaw
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Dependent / 2017-05-15 / News

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