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FTR - Manners
Hailing from Paris, France, FTR is an intense act. Relentless, driving bass, fuzzed out guitar, and rumbling percussion masterfully interplay, delivering hypnotic, dark, goth-tinged, psychedelia infused, shoegazing feedback laden post punk. The new album, 'Manners', slides easily from cacophonous noise rock to raw, cold pulsing rhythms to driving dark anthems and back with effortless grace.
Available from 22 February 2019 by Metropolis Records.

01. Collision
02. Cross Your Heart
03. Black Sand
04. Chances
05. Love Bots
06. Right Track
07. 10327
08. Sunrise
09. Never
10. One
11. Breathe
Author: hellium
Source: Metropolis Records / 2019-02-17 / News

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