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Gary Numan - Savage


Gary Numan releases "Savage (Songs From A Broken World)" album, which has a narrative set in an apocalyptic, post-global warming Earth in the not-too-distant future. It’s a harsh, savage environment, as are the survivors who still roam across it.
"The songs are about the things that people do in such a harsh and terrifying environment," explains Numan. "It's about a desperate need to survive and they do awful things in order to do so, and some are haunted by what they've done. That desire to be forgiven."
Available from 15 September 2017 by BMG Records.


Side A
1. Ghost Nation
2. Bed of Thorns
3. My Name Is Ruin

Side B
4. The End of Things
5. And It All Began with You
6. When the World Comes Apart

Side C
7. Mercy
8. What God Intended
9. If I Said

Side D
10. Pray for the Pain You Serve
11. Broken
12. Cold
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: BMG Records / 2017-09-12 / News

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