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The club no mercy occupies part of the cellar in one of the remaining buildings of Lilpop factory, or more specifically of „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein” Industrial Plant Auction Company (Towarzystwo Aukcyjne Zakładów Przemysłowych „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein”) , which has existed ever since the war. Being a typical example of XIXth and XXth century architecture, the building is a very charming one, built of red bricks . The factory which produced, inter alia : locomotives, wagons, tram wagons and, on the basis of licence agreement, Kadettes and Chevroletes, was destroyed by the German troops after the Warsaw Rising and was never rebuilt.

zdjęcie z książki Warszawa międzywojenna, Dobrosław Kobielski, 

The party in which Seattle, USA projects Noxious Emotion i Glis w no mer cy ( Bema 65 Street) were to take part, was supposed to start at 8.00 p.m., but it didn't, as Warsaw is not Poznań and here, as a rule, nothing starts on time. As for the music, I'll put it this way : lots of playback noise + some melody played on keyboard from time to time + overdriven yelling to the microphone regardless of who was singing and who was playing as both the bands consist of the same people who changed the roles depending on which band played. However, the shows differed a great deal.

Noxious Emotion consists of a long-haired medium blond male vocalist and short-haired fair blond keyboard player. During their concert I was able to distinguish the interpretation of Project Pitchfork, Wumpscut and Depeche Mode. The vocalist, who was wearing green shirt and black trousers with little buckles on the sides, was jumping on the stage, but he didn't manage to spirit me away. After the concert he was extremely nice, smiling and willing to let the others take pictures ; as for the keyboard player, I believe people paid attention to him only for the general politeness. There was no queue to the stand offering Noxious Emotion CDs and T-shirts.

After that, the next band, namely Glis , was announced . The same people as before appeared on the stage, but this time the keyboard player took the microphone over. O, yes... I thought... The same again. But, to my surprise, the former keyboard player, presently the vocalist (Shaun Frandsen) showed unbelievable power: he had a great contact with the audience, he was gesticulating all the time what is usual practice during the concerts : he was pointing at particular people, raising hand at an 180°, angle, pointing with his drawn hand (90°), blustering with his fist ; he even put his hand on his heart once –. In short : the usual stuff of the vocalist who has one hand to keep the microphone and the other to talk to the audience. There were several people dancing by the stage; the vocalist tried as he could to keep up with Zodhiak (effervescing as usual), yet he was all red on his face, while Zodi was not. And it was not the effect of red light the vocalist was standing in, as the lighting was very poor – : two violet ones + stroboscopes, no spotlights. In the half of the concert, the vocalist drank some water, he poured the audience a little ( Lucky me, I was away and safe with my camera ) and went on yelling. People were a bit bored, as he was yelling quite monotonously although with great amount of emphasis. He gave three encores and poured the people with water again. During one of the encores I started wondering whether the whole concert was that bad and I hear it only now and what all these people are dancing to... But then it occured that it wasn't only me, who didn't find the encore suitable.
Translator: Legion23
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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