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God Module - Psychic Surgery


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Release "Psychic Surgery" combines the long out of print "Perception" (Out of Line, 2002) & "Victims Among Friends" (Out of Line, 2004) EPs into one release.
Completely remastered, with all new artwork and featuring brand new, 2013 Versions of "Victims Among Friends" and "The Ones we love"!

Digipack will be release on Feb. 26th by Out Of Line.


Disc 1 "Perception 2.0"
01. Perception
02. Perception (infekktion Mix)
03. Perception (culture Kultür Mix)
04. Perception (dismantled Mix)
05. Transcend
06. Transcend (the Parrallel Project Mix)
07. Transcend ( Mix)
08. Interference
09. Interference (l'âme Immortelle Mix)
10. Interference (stromkern Mix)
11. Interference (grendel Mix)

Disc 2 "Victims Among Friends 2.0"
01. Victims Among Friends 2013
02. Victims Among Friends (original)
03. The Ones We Love
04. Victims Among Friends (suicide Commando Mix)
05. Resurrection Resurrected (livevil Version)
06. The Ones We Love (the Parallel Project Mix)
07. Image
08. Victims Among Friends (amduscia Mix)
09. The Ones We Love (god Mod Club Mix)

Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor
Source: / 2013-02-19 / News

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