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Gothic music generally is classified as 2 things, but is not limited to them. Music that places lyrical emphasis on pain, suffering, disagreement with social norms and political ideologies locally and elsewhere, bleeding, darkness, death, irony, despair, drugs, feelings of social isolation, feminism, carousels, dark romance, childhood, the beauty within darkness, vengeance, existential angst, etc. It is also horror or dark fantasy themed music. It spans a multitude of genres ranging from punk, rock, metal, new wave, industrial, ambient, electronic, and more. It is technically not a genre. But rather, a form of expression and a way of thinking and feeling. Example bands Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of mercy are quite an early gothic band, lending themself to the genre with deep, mournful vocals and haunting sounds. Moonspell. Moonspell's most gothic songs include 'Vampiria' and 'The darkening'. Moonspell's earlier albums are closer to black metal than to goth, but they have progressively moved towards a more gothic sound. Cradle of Filth. Cradle of Filth are a gothic metal band who have made the gothic ideals, look, and sound fit with metal. Songs like 'Nymphetamine', 'Her Ghost In the Fog' and 'Swansong for Raven' are prime examples. The Sin:Decay. The Sin:Decay are an industrial/cyber gothic band. Although they are not a very well known band, they stand out among other bands with their unique approach in creating music that sounds dark and sorrowful. Midnight Syndicate A band from Ohio formed by 2 music composers. They create Halloween themed orchestral music. Very much a justification to the Gothic music scenes more horror inspirations. Velvet Acid Christ an invigorating mixture of industrial, darkwave, and gothic rock. This band crafts brutally dark and depressing lyrics with multiple genres. Subgenres of Gothic deathrock, a hybrid of punk rock and gothic rock gothic rock, a post-punk kind of music, with hard rock influences cyber metal. A mix and mash up of industrial gothic and metal influences, bands such as The Kovenant, The Sin:Decay and ...And Oceans are examples of this genre. gothic metal, a gothic rock influenced subgenre of metal music. Frequently focusing on depressing lyrics, and symphonic keyboards. darkwave. Darkwave Is essentially the name given to gothic music groups who don't fall under any of the other classifications. It may not use enough guitar to be gothic rock, nor enough synth to be industrial. It may combine elements of these with symphonic or ambient elements.

Artists belong to the genre

The Breath Of Life

Country: Belgia / Belgium / Date of establishing : 1989

The Mission

Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 1986

The Pussybats

Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 2006

The Sisters of Mercy

Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 1977

Umbra Et Imago

Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 1991


Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 1999

Vic Anselmo

Country: Łotwa / Latvia / Date of establishing : 2008

Zeitgeist Zero

Country: Anglia / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 2000


Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 2000

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