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Grimes to perform in Poland in November!
Uncompromising, fickle, dynamic, unprecedented - with these very words the music of Grimes, as well as the artists herself, can be described in the best manner. Exemplarily electronic background, massive beats, soothing melodies and etheric voice constitute the inseparable elements of her each track. Everyone, who has been awaken from the summer lethargy by the above description, may rejoice at the fact that Claire Boucher will visit Poland within the upcoming tour promoting her latest realese, Visions. On 22nd November at 1500m2 in Warsaw, Grimes will surely prove that she was dubbed "an araising star" by The New York Times for every reason. I strongly recmmend for the broadening of your musical horizons' sake.

Author: murd
Translator: murd
Source: / 2012-08-31 / Events

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