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Har Belex

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Har Belex
Har Belex

Har Belex
Har Belex

Hiszpania / Spain

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark folk, neofolk


Band members:

Manix S.
Salva Maine


Har Belex is formed by Manix S. and Salva Maine. These two musicians with recognized careers in the electronic/EBM scene come together in this new project to share and enhance their concerns and common passions: the love of nature, local traditions, history, alienation of religion and modern society.
They present their debut album "Chandelle". Songs full of magic, intense and catchy, create a personal neofolk that integrates in a perfect balance the coolness and nostalgia of musical aesthetics of German-Nordic neofolk and the classic and evocative cadence of Mediterranean-influenced neofolk.