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Haujobb + Egoist

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I'm looking at the concert ticket at the moment... and I'm thinking that the price for such a good fun wasn't too high. On the contrary. Anyone who didn't go should feel remorse. The charm of the city Cracow, a great club 'Extreme', people who can't be omitted while talking about parties of that kind... All the things combined make me think highly of the past weekend. Enthusiasm that I feel while writing these words was totally predictable. Cracow is a reference point, everything brings down to it and that is probably what charmed me so much. The two parties I participated in will remain ,in my opinion, a card for this city and for feelings connected with it.
Slave Stage was an irreplaceable warm-up before the Saturday Night concert. I only regret that the 'strangeness' of the sounds made them impossible to dance to. However, I can't say that the dance floor was empty... as it wasn't so.

The concerts of EGOIST and HAUJOBB were much better that Friday music vibrations. The place itself mad a huge impression on me. Great spatial solution. The club 'Extreme' may be an example for many similar places. People, the first motive, are a very important. I believe I won't appear 'perverted' if I say that I like watching this kinda 'party – catwalk'. I'm not alone in this: some people come to the parties for their atmosphere that is built by those outstanding individuals. By the way, I'm sorry that the appearance of the people often adds to their objectification. I'm fed up with the fact that all equals uncovered busts and latex dresses. It's not about nice writs or firmness of some body parts. None of us is a product for sale. So I state it firmly: not all the people wish to be perceived from the perspective of their body build.

When the concert of EGOIST started I couldn't take my eyes off the visualizations which supplemented the show. Revelation! One could see that they were well-prepared. The band did all they could to move up the audience. Hard sounds and uncompromising dynamics left no one indifferent. I'm a fan of neither band, but I'm must admit that they did their best. The crowd going crazy by the scene, listening to HAUJOBB hits was a splendid view. As for me, the vocalist was consumed by its role on the scene. The amazement of the audience was great. But it doesn't exclude waiting of some for the after party. From the first track DJ H_12 had an aim to attract people to the dance floor. And he did it! The dancing filled the space to the full. The dynamics of the repertoire that all the 'electro party leaders' presented moved all the people to the dance floor! Organizers - congratulations! The party was really great!
And one more digression: The charm of Cracow is connected with people. Fenicjanka! You're the best!If it wasn't for you all the charm of Cracow wouldn't have been so great. The hospitality of yours will stay in our memory for long. Thank you.
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2006-02-27 / Live reports

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