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Heimataerde - Kadavergehorsam



The second full length album from German Electro / Industrial act Heimataerde, "Kadavergehorsam" continues the undead cycle began with debut album "Gotteskrieger" and continued with the "Under Der Linden" EP in Spring 2006. This time joining forces with a host of other top name Electro bands / artists (including ASP, Die In Winter, Winterstahl, X-Fusion and Xotox) who contribute interpretations, vocals and sound design to the overall Heimataerde production, "Kadavergehorsam" delivers a very complex and dramatic vision amongst the pounding beats, industrial riffs and digitized synth lines. Release Date: 28th August 2006


01. Gedanken
02. Lebloser Koerper
03. Eins Sein
04. Jerusalem
05. Gott Will Es ( Pax Vobiscum Version )
06. Moritari Salutant
07. Koenig Von Thule
08. Dona Nobis Pacem
09. Brueder
10. Die Schlacht
11. Morte
12. Verflucht
13. Warum Das Leben Lohnt
14. Im Sandes Des Wahns
15. Leben

Author: Snowflake
Translator: Snowflake
Source: / 2006-08-02 / News

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