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Hot Rain

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Hot Rain
Hot Rain 2006

Hot Rain
Hot Rain

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electropop, futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Iwona - vocal, lyrics
Mariusz - music, synths
Paweł - programming, synths


Hot Rain’s roots go back to the year 2001 when Mariusz Skarbiński – the leader and composer of the group, created a project focusing on the electronic music. At the beginning they took the inspiration from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack and Faithless. So such sounds you can find in the first tracks of Hot Rain. In 2002 the group leader changed the members of the group preparing a completely new electro project with a female vocal which was supposed to be the perfect source for bringing dynamism and romantics to the music. The invited Iwona was also writing lyrics and Paweł was supporting the band with programming and arrangements. Step by step Hot Rain was closing to a more dynamic rhythm section and modern sounds, and the bands like VNV Nation, Covenant, Prodigy and Kraftwerk had more influence on the band’s compositions. First concerts took place in Szczecin’s clubs and from the beggining of 2003 the group was recording a demo material that was warmly welcomed by the music genre fans. Hot Rain got the opportunity to present their works in the TV programme “Fonograf” on the local TV station “TVP3”. There were two clips recorded from the demo material: “For your peace” and “Electric love”, which were played on TV many times after televiewers requests. “Electric love” appeared in the local radio charts and stayed there in the top ten tracks for many weeks. In March 2003 Hot Rain played as a support on the Melotron’s (German group) concert. After that there were other propositions. The band played in Szczecin, Poznań (Poland), Schwedt and Grimmen (Germany) and also in Slovakia for the invitation of friendly groups Kifoth and L.I.O.B. The band took the year 2005 to work in the studio on the new material and expand the studio equipment by analog synthesizers. In 2006 Hot Rain took part in a competition for the best remix organised by DJ Ram and A Different Drum Label. The group with success recorded the remix with Colony 5 vocals, which was released in the album “Virtual Server – Setup”. Meanwhile new remixes appeared, and this time at the request of the German band FP and the Polish DJ and producer Sthilmann. From the beginning of 2007 the group changed completely their web page and in February 2007 they appeared their first EP released by Atum Records called “Crown of Emotions”.