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Hyoscyamus niger - Demo 2004+

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While listening to this album it's hard to miss the group's wish to remain in the closed circle of the persistent receivers, who are required an enormous effort. Already the name suggests it : the difficulty of pronouncing it resembles the effort made while breaking an access code. Ok, let's not exaggerate, it's not that difficult, but still... And only those who are particularly fond of this type of music will make attempt to remember the name. „Hyoscyamus niger” will become a private code denoting emotional relation between the sounds and the receivers. What sort of music is it? It's hard to say. At first, it's simple: strong, straight male vocal in Polish language. Forceful, yet slightly trembling voice suggests the vocalist's willingness to convey deeper meaning by his texts. It may be over interpretation or metaphors, or their lack – all that, and delicate trance music with a bit of electronics in the background and the interpretation becomes more complicated. The music of escape, fight, protest, loneliness in love, appeals to me very strongly. Am I right? Yet, this demo is hard to classify: the music together with the original text is like wine. However, the wine causes headacha and brings bitter thoughts. Still, my thoughts become bitter -sweet when I listen to 2 beatiful recordings : „Polowanie” and „ Koniec”. Two pieces of the puzzle, full of prophetic words “...and then shall the end come... this what is unavoidable ...” make the listener insecure. The lyrical words in ”Dwie gwiazdki śniegu” make you wonder; you need to spend a great amount of time contemplating them, no other way is possible. The music is like this of Ankh and Daab just with an electronic tone. Just one remark : it would be nice, if the origin of the fragments used in the lyrics („Krucyfiks” totalitarian version) was mentioned on the cover.

Track list:
1. Dwie gwiazdki śniegu (short version) 2. W izolacji
3. Polowanie
4. Koniec
5. Krucyfiks (totalitarian version)
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Music reviews

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