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In a nutshell.... a few questions to Controlled Collapse

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Due to the premiere of Controlled Collapse new album, we decided to pose a few questions to the band's vocalist, Wojciech 'kr-lik' Król, a few questions about all kinds of varieties.

How did the work on the new album progress?

I have to admit, it went very smooth and efficiently, at the same time. We managed to record all tracks in half year time. We had an idea of adding live drums and guitars to the final versions, but due to different considerations, we did not succeed in the venture. Nevertheless, one can hear the acoustic versions at our concerts.

Where did the concept for the title come from? What does it mean in reference to the album's contents?

BABEL stands for a symbol of human pride. I, however, approached the idea from the different angle. The rumor has it that different languages were the result of God's will to prevent people from finishing the tower, which was to mean the human omnipotence. It caused a complete lack of communication among humans. The best part of the album refers to a lack communication with you inner self, as well as a lack of understanding of the circumambient reality.

What may the present fans of Controlled Collapsed be surprised with?

Surprised? It is hard to say. The album is yet another stage of the band's development. The tracks are much more parsimonious with sound, harsh, however, on the other hand they do not ooze aggression or "the garage sound". There occurred a bit more wangling with tunes, effects in different parts of a particular piece.

What inspired you during the work on the record?

Apart from chosen tracks of Combichrist and FLA, it is difficult for me to say whether something really influenced the overall sound or specific pieces. As I have mentioned before, the process of creating the album went smooth and with a certain airy-fair flair.

Another album, another tour... Surely, this venture carries a set of problems, either big or petty ones. What has been your most exceptional experience (positive and/or negative) from the touring?

The positive one is all the people, whom I have met while giving shows. Beginning with faithful fans, who sing along with me, ending with those standing idly in the corner. Another positive aspect are other bands, which we have had an undeniable pleasure to play with. I cannot recall if I have ever met any unfriendly person or someone with a negative attitude. Sometimes we even manage to spare some time for a bit of sightseeing, getting to know places we visit when touring.
The negative one is by all means the technical side. We are rather unknown to "normal" people and we have no possibility to cooperate with a concert agency. We handle everything ourselves, from keeping deadlines, through posters, to the sounding (for it has happened so that we had to do that ourselves)... The band plays the majority of concerts in Poland and, unluckily, there are still many clubs, whose owners/managers regard concerts as something unnecessary. They do not invest in equipment, which results in a fact that there may occur some tensions when a band is lacking something. Some of them also happened do ask "How come?" You are a band and you do not have cables/diboxes/microphones?". We also do not have any fronts, audio monitoring, or power output units. The truth is that we have never cancelled the show or got it cancelled. Yet, such minor problems evoke negative emotions before concerts, and it does not do any good to anyone.

Could you please introduce us to your side projects?

CLICKS play strictly club music. For people to dance and have fun. I have been working on new material for quite a while now, it will differ a bit in comparison to the first record, but I think it will be equally go-ahead. SPAMx4 is a new creation. The result of indecisiveness and the following approach – I do what I currently have in mind, without assigning it to any particular project.

Your method for fighting with doldrums?

Putting the studio in order, forcing myself to work, doing remixes...

How does the future for Controlled Collapse draw up?

By all means, positively! After the success, which we will surely achieve, after the Building Babel Tour, we will be offered to support a more famous band. We will win Western fans, start playing concerts as a headliner, and we will never ever play in Poland again, for it will be too expensive to book us. Hahahahahaha...

Translator: murd
Add date: 2013-05-10 / Interviews

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