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In My Rosary

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In My Rosary
Dirk Lakomy - In My Rosary

In My Rosary
Ralf Jesek - In My Rosary

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, neofolk


Band members:

Dirk Lakomy
Ralf Jesek


Originally planned to be a temporary project, in the meantime In My Rosary have become a well-known act within the international Wave- / Alternative-Scene. Already their official debut in 1993, "Those Silent Years", brought Ralf Jesek (music, voice, instruments, programming) and Dirk Lakomy (lyrics) this worldwide attention which still holds on - altough In My Rosary's music does not try to be spectacular. It is more like a sensitive view on the essential things and offers its listeners a sometimes almost fragile entry into its world of emotions. The project only follows its very own visions and does not care about commercial considerations or exterior expectations. So In My Rosary still see themselves as a tempory project and every new release can also be the last one. If there is nothing more to say, they will be silent. Beside In My Rosary Ralf and Dirk started a sideproject called Griffin's Fall together with Martin von Arndt (PRINTED AT BISMARCK'S DEATH) in 1995. Griffi's Fall released an album called "A Medicine For Melancholy" in 1997. While Ralf also walks some other musical ways with his projects Derriere Le Miroir (five releases until today) and Mary's Comic, Dirk gives his photographic art priority treatment and has released three photobooks until now.