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Industrial for the masses vol.4

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Out Of Line at 5th of March will have another CD in the series "Industrial for masses". In addition to the traditionally well-known bands can be found on it also promising debuts.
Among veterans of the scene we will find Combichrist, Dulce Liquido or Nachtmahr and from new musical projects we will be able to know closer the band Maelstrom, Inc., which is devoted to a second bonus disc containing a single by German artist.

Tracklist CD1:

01. Dulce Liquido "Love Or Die"
02. PN-X-TG "Cannonfodder"
03. CombiChrist "Penalty Shot"
04. Speedy J "Actor Nine"
05. Formalin "Yuppiescum"
06. Kiew "Stille/Stimme"
07. Miss Construction "Zombiefied"
08. NorthBorne "Airsoul (Punch mix)"
09. The Horrorist "I Stand With You"
10. Exzakt "Sub.Sonic. Base (2009 Edit)"
11. Cervello Elettronico "Asphyxiate"
12. Nachtmahr "Träume"
13. EDMX "Pent up"
14. UnterArt " Novalis Part III (Keine Götter)"
15. Phosgore "Destruktor"
16. 13th monkey "Anality (IftMMix)"

Tracklist CD2:

01. Mælstrom Inc "Hit Me"
02. Mælstrom Inc "Jesus Got Infected"
03. Mælstrom Inc "Hit Me (Remixed By Destroid)"
04. Mælstrom Inc "Hit Me (Remixed By Kiew)"
Author: _Morfeusz_
Translator: Dobermann
Source: / 2010-02-08 / News

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