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Inertia - Only Law



Inertia releases first single entitled "Only Law" from the forthcoming, new album "Dream Machine". The single includes 8 tracks - the title song and 7 remixes. A good foretaste for a new release that we can expect in October.
Available from 4 August 2017 by Metropolis Records.

01. Only Law
02. Only Law (Delta City mix)
03. Only Law (Modovar Mix)
04. Only Law (Android Lust Mix)
05. Only Law (Goteki Lonely Awe Mix)
06. Only Law (Splintervoid Mix)
07. Only Law (The Rain Within Mix)
08. Only Law (The Frixion Mix)
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Metropolis Records / 2017-08-02 / News

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