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infest uk 2012!

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Infest being the UKs premier festival has announced half of the band line up for this years party!
This year there are more UK bands as well as some of Europe's favourites, so far the line up boasts:

The Klinik
Infest is proud to present the UK debut of another legendary band from the ground breaking Belgian electronic scene of the Eighties. Famous for their cold and harsh EBM sound and live shows performed with their heads wrapped in gauze, wearing long black leather coats. Dirk Ivens’ hissing vocals and minimalist lyrics were complemented by Marc Verhaeghen’s synthesizer skills and distorted trombone playing.

Necro Facility
Making their UK debut these childhood friends were first drawn to the industrial music scene whilst at school and soon realised there are no rules or limits to creating and playing music. They create complex, haunting yet melodic music with that 80 ‘s old school touch. Their award-winning album ‘Wintermute’ has been widely recognised as a game-changing breath of fresh air for the alternative scene.

Dirty K
Dirty K combine ambient, noize and industrial to provide a full on live onslaught of powerful beats mixed with ambient drones totally encapsulated in pure distortion. Recently signed to the seminal German Hands label Dirty K have never been stronger and look set for a noizey 2012. They promise their Infest performance will be an "horrific ear bleeding experience!!!"

Synth-pop sensation Spacebuoy are both futuristic and retro in their approach, unleashing their creativity with a resolute determination to push the sonic boundaries of electronica. Instantly infectious vocals, uplifting & searing synth harmonies, bouncing bass lines and slamming drums all perfectly fused in an irresistible & scintillating synth-pop format. Vince Clarke and Erasure love them.

System FX
London’s System FX combine old school 90′s industrial with modern EBM sounds and have been described "as how The Prodigy, Grendel and Cubanate would sound if thrown into a blender!" They present their "relentless wall of sound" at Infest as they bring industrial back to the masses!

Blitzmaschine use classic EBM bass lines, minimal vocals and complex song structures and musical arrangements mixed with discreet elements of other genre’s to show what they understand about electronic body music. DAF meets And One – Blitzmaschine stand in first place to get the dance floor going. This is their UK debut.

A complex architecture of hypnotic sounds and rhythms. Pounding beats define Winterkälte’s unique style of abstract aggression, the target of which is the whole central nervous system and all its neural connectors. Obliterating, pummelling, a violent distorted and blurring circle of noise. Lace those stomper boots up tight and prepare yourself for the brutal rhythmic onslaught that is Winterkälte.

Solitary Experiments
Where most groups seem to deem it necessary to choose between emotions and aggressive force Solitary Experiments combine both attributes. They showcase a perfect fusion of emotional depth and club-driven beats. This music doesn’t need distorted vocals or a spectacular stage show… Solitary Experiments is just a synonym for top-quality electronic Pop music.

Tenek are a power house of classic British synthesiser pop crafting insanely infectious songs and producing a unique crossover of dark and introspective yet rewardingly uplifting and anthemic music. Music for the masses and for the underground and this is why Tenek are vital! Tenek take you with them in their acknowledgment of the past, present and future!

The incredible Suono Boyz from the south of Germany perform for the first time live in the UK delivering speaker blasting Techno-Industrial, with harsh and powerful club sounds, epic melodies and distorted beats! One for fans of acts like SAM and [X]-Rx, Suono follow only one destination: turning the night into an unforgettable party!

After these announcements there's just room for 6 more bands to be announced. keep your eyes peeled!
Author: Jo Pawley
Translator: morrigan
Source: / 2012-03-20 / Events

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