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Interview with Latexxx Teens

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1. Hi Guys. Thank you for this interview with PromoFabrik. First of all introduce yourself and tell us something about the band Latexxx Teens, please.

Icy Latexxx Teens:

First i wanna thank you for the support to the band. LXT is our personal world view... our revolutionary doctrine, our nhilist idea. LXT is the extreme negation of the meaning of the existence as product of modern society The messengers are not important, is the message that defines us

2. So when and how did you guys first meet/get together/decide to form Latexxx Teens?

LXT was born from our mind during the famouse italian black out of september 2003. Try to immagine a whole country without light in a raining night... before to know what really happened i really believed that some apocalyptic scenario had just begun. That was only the moment when this idea arise from our mind, cause a lot of time we reflected about what humanity did, and do still now of course, i mean life’s extinction is a realistic risk
I think that was the best background to think about a project like LXT. Everything started like any friday night ready to go rund the city drinkig and partying and finished with a flow of consciousness

3. Who are your musical influences?

Well, we take our inspiration from a lot of difrent musician... the whole music are made by me and Kami and we are usually inspired not only by music. You can be surprised to know who really influences our song writing process... for example Trent Reznor ‘s Nine inch niles are very important in our musical background but it’s the same for band like Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Prodigy, Chemical Borthers.... i don’t know....punk rock is also fundamental in our background as all the most important gothic band of the last 20/30 years. But as i told before the most influence become frome life experience, feelings... maybe a picture can tell me something to be written in a song

4. The new album "Death Club Entertainment", what can we expect?

Mmh... the right soundtrack for the upcoming revolution against this fucking conformist society!!!!

5.How would you say that the sound of Latexxx Teens has developed since the last release? What sorts of differences and similarities are there, musically and/or lyrically, between "Moloko & Ultra-Violence" and "Death Club Entertainment"?

I’m not really sure to can describe exactly the sond of this album, When I and kami started to write the songs for this album we had in our mind a lot of diffrend ideas...we wanted an album tha was the right evolution from "Moloko&Ultra violence" EP but we also wanted something new for LXT. I mean, there is always something new around the corner and LXT are curiouses...
Maybe the best way to describe the sound of DCE is a mix of pop, electro beats, wall of guitars, rock attitude and metal violence...
About the lyrics, the concept is almost the same but we change the point of view, i mean, in "Moloko..." we talk about the social side of the human decadance in Death Club i think the point of view is introspective...

6. How long have you been working on "Death Club Entertainment?

A couple of mounths to write songs, arrange them and decide the tracklist and a mounth in studio to record and mixing the album.

7.Where do you get the inspiration from?

As i told before is just another side of the same concept of "moloko..." and i’m sure that everything would be diffrent in a diffrent historic and politic scenario so the isnpiration come from what happen in the world every single fucking day... we are the children of this decadent ages and this album is our cry....

8. Do you have a favorite track on the new album?

My favourite song is LSD (Love Smack Death) cause it remind me something that i FELT so deeply that i was almost dead. It talk about love and loneliness it talk about how the love, the deeply love can kill you just with silence the same silence can let you born again...

9. Could you briefly describe us your music-making process?

I (or Kami) start with some guitar riff or synth riff and record a first version of it, something very essential... than me and him arrange all the song around this idea togheter... we take care about the eletronic part of the song and we develope all the bass and guitar riffing. Than, when we have a good demo, we send the song to the other and wait that Lex write the lyrics. At the end we meet him and record the voices. Sometimes Roy or LaNuit also work with us and add theyr ideas as sometimes we write lyrics or we think about some voices. We can’t do it often becouse we live in 3 difrent city, unfortunally.

10. CD sales continue to decrease and are substitued by digital downloads. How do you think about this development?

It’s sure that this trend penalize the music business... this is a fact. Before it labels had more money and produced more bands but how was the quality??? To day maybe we have less bands but also a lot of less shit hehe...
I think that everybody have at least one album donwloaded for free... it’s normal to day. But it’s also normal, i think,that, if you really like an album and if you really like a band, you also buy the phisical copy of the CD. The problem is not the illegal digital download and the "war to napster" but is to find some new idea to adapt the business to this new trend. As a fan i really enjoyed when Nine Inch Nails let us download for free the album "the slip" and it dosen’t avoid to make me buy the phisical copy...rather i prefer to give my money to this guys that to someone who desperately try to stop all the napster descents like a greedy Scrooge....pathetic!!!

11. What´s the largest audience you have ever played for and what was your favorite gig?

Personally i think about 6000/7000 people when i was playing guitar with Theatres des Vampires in 2006. I’m sure LaNuit have more with Dopestars inc.... as band LXT i think no more than 1000 in some festival. What was my favourite gigs?? For sure the first of LXT at Venice Rock Festival 2005 as support of SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK... but every gig with this fucking guys are the best for me.... we are really tight-knit on stage and also in nromal life. We are best friends

12. What are your tour plans? Will you also play in germany?

I really hope to have an intense tours planning in the next year.... unfortunally i can’t say more now. I really hope to play in Germany where LaNauit did a lot of gigs with his other band Dopestars inc and where i know there are a very cool scene.

13. Any last words for your german fans before we finish up?

The time is coming.... get your gun and be ready to kill!!!
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