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iVardensphere - Bloodwater
iVardensphere’s goals are simple: the creation of music that will make you move. Judging by fans’ rabid reactions, it’s working in spades. Based in Edmonton, Scott Fox splits his time between iVardensphere and DJing the notorious club nights SICK and Das OOntz.
Fox knows how to fill a dance floor and he applied that knowledge to iVardensphere’s fierce blend of dance floor punch, thick analogue sound and tribal influences. Soon after the completion of the debut album, Scatterface, in 2009, Fox enlisted the talents of Chris Lacroix to help bring the project to the next level: live performance. Ever since, iVardensphere has been constantly on stage, playing with acts ranging from Apoptygma Berzerk to 16Volt to VNV Nation to Front Line Assembly, including well-received sets at Das Bunker in LA and the Kinetik Festival 3 in Montreal. New album iVardensphere "Bloodwater", is poised to take the band even further with its infectious grooves and hot tribal attitude.

Released on Synthetic Sounds and available November 2nd, 2010.


1. Nautilus Part 1
2. Ancients
3. Sick
4. Filterscape
5. These Machines Keep Me Alive
6. The Source of Uncertainty
7. A Sign of Things to Come
8. Nautilus Part 2
9. Bloodwater
10. Grey Walls
11. Filterscape (Dubfire Mix by Rotersand)
12. The Source of Uncertainty (Komor Kommando Remix)
13. Filterscape (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2010-11-02 / News

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