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Japanicon 2015

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This year's Japanese Culture Festival was held on 10-11 October 2015. As in the previous year, Japanicon 6 also took place in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 4, im. ks. prof. Józefa Tischnera in Poznan. The location could not be mistaken, because already from some distance could be seen a long line of supporters, who came especially for this event from all over Poland. Some people have arrived the day before, but despite this, the queue splitting at some point in two, was also quite impressive.

Shortly after entering the building, the participants were welcomed by closely placed stands of exhibitors, in which you could buy all kinds of accessories, such as, among others, souvenir mugs, pillows, pads, wigs, hair pins, hair extensions, badges, and even samurai swords. Various competitions were organized. In one of the lotteries you could win, eg. a used game console;)
The organizers as usual assured the participants with a wide range of attractions.
Quite popular were tournaments of all sorts of games. They were organized, among others, skirmishes in traditional Japanese games like Mahjong and Kendana, agility games like Mortal Kombat, dance games - Dance Central. When it comes to music competitions – there were tournaments for bands, drummers and guitarists as well as highly anticipated karaoke.
For dance admirers were prepared dance lessons with Kuda Gitsune. Who is not discouraged by fast pace and strong beats, could try own strengths in killing dance Nippon Manju.
The highlights were of course, Cosplay shows, with the main evening’s attraction Cosplay Contest, and then qualifying round for the European Cosplay Gathering. Until the very last moment final improvements in appearance were made, strive to perfection include elements of clothes, makeup and hairstyles. The whole fell out very professional, and the participants have made every effort to look at their best.
For people interested in Eastern tradition were prepared lessons of Japanese and Korean language, mythology and animal symbols, and as curiosity also Asian superstitions.
Interesting lectures were organized by Trzeci Najemny Oddział Piechoty Japońskiej. In their special room were held: a lecture about dragons, practical workshops in making of Waraji, speech about the traditional Japanese arc with history of archery in the background, and in the main room was given a demonstration of armed combat together with presenting tools for fighting. Exhibited were short, long and combined weapons, and then the subject was clarified and properly extended in with all the details for those who were interested, during the lecture about the types of Japanese weapons.
During the lecture, appeared varied interesting stories and curiosities from the former, but also present Japan. After that there was possibility to dress traditional outfit from the Sengoku period. And that is how, everyone could feel like a real samurai or a townsman.
The whole made an unforgettable impression. Particularly noteworthy was the attention to detail and substantive expert knowledge. None of the questions imposed to this reconstructive group remained unanswered.
However, the undoubted highlight of the evening was the LeChat’s concert, who performed different known Japanese hits. You could find out live, what is the Eastern idols phenomenon about.
For fans of thrilling stories were prepared the night with Mafia and lecture about funeral ceremonials in Japan. Night time activities also included Cyberpunk in anime.
Workshops included creation of own Ponies, Pokémons, as well as practical classes with sewing machine and creating shapes for Cosplay’s costumes. There you could check your manual talents.
They were prepared special thematic rooms like Anime24 and many others.
Sunday morning was filled with among others Magiczny świat ubrań, varied film’s contests and interesting talks like Czarny charakter w służbie dobra, Pojęcia dobra i zła w japońskiej animacji or Strach ma skośne oczy that means Japanese monsters in a nutshell.
Just looking forward for the next edition of this event!
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