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Jesus On Extasy - The Clock

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This is another part of the trilogy - after "Holy Beauty" and "Beloved Enemy", it is time for "The Clock". After various changes that occurred in the group’ ranks, including the involvement of Manja Wagner on the vocal, the band returns with a new and surprising album. It is fair to say that, comparing to the already known discography of Jesus On Extasy, it is by far the most interesting position.
The formation appeared only in 2005, and so far, despite obtaining a proper sound, failed to make any of the discs stand out especially, but this time it is quite different. And maybe for some there are few moments of this album, that bring to mind things done by Within Temptation, but this is not a too intrusive feeling and it has a rather short-lived effect.

The album starts with a bouncy "Freak Me Out," which is a fast piece, driven by sweet female vocals, that are ear-catching. Another one "Lost In Time" does not deviate too much according to its pace, but it is sonically heavier and assisted with intensive electronics in the background. Its clear message is a kind of admonition, not to look back and not to loose faith in searching of an own way, as well as to make the appropriate choices in a well-thought way. It also has a reference to a fantastical time machine and combining reality with a scenery coming straight from the dreams. Another song on the album is "Forever Now", a thought-provoking one, on the permanence of the relationships, and also telling stories about casting love spells. While "Snow Of Siberia" is actually created in a different style, where the curious, based on the guitar riffs beginning, is gradually evolving with the support of a strong industrial electronics from the measured tone and a juicy male voice, it is about time traveling, longing for an encounter with another half and the ability to forget and getting rid of baggage of memories. Spreading around stories about the quest for unity, being the only song using male vocals (recorded with the participation of Ski King from Beloved Enemy) it is definitely the best piece, because it is heavy, yet balanced, full of longing and guitar powers. It is contrasted with the title track "The Clock", the wistful ballad recorded with the support of the piano sounds, describing the sense of transience, time and feelings about the conflict between reality and dreams. Along with "Vendetta" it is followed by a return to rapid beats, which shows the electro-industrial roots of the band, followed by a further slow-down and there is a gothic ballad - "Heartless". However, in "Nothing To Cry For" from the first sounds it attacks with a crushing bit, and then there is an alleviation in a form of relaxing sounds of almost pop incantations, where you can find a poignant reckoning with the pain, suffering and inability to make separations. When the first sounds of "Pulse" start, again, it gets harder in the more industrial-rock way, and so it is to the end. "Living A Lie" is a piece, that is designed to reflect a sense of loss that you can experience when you follow your dreams, struggles with the merciless irreversibility of events, the obstacles that you can encounter when you want to turn back from the already chosen road.
Duran Duran’ cover of "Ordinary World" is a tough nut to crack, I think you can easily break a tooth on it. I will say so - I prefer the original.
As for appearing remixes on the album, you can see that someone tried hard - "Nothing To Cry For (Hotel Room Recording Session)" is much restrained from the original strength of the sound, it is almost ambient, commonly pretty, as it is with the "Heartless (Ambient Mix)". Already selected in the determination of the mix, once again flirt with the ambient, means that it is a piece of quiet, elegant sounds, where in centre is placed an acoustic guitar set.
The last on the disc is the bonus track "The Mirror (Exclusive Bonus Track)" which is initially only grim, and then gradually develops in the most dark point on the entire record, while it is above all a calm and most muffled part of the whole.

It must be admitted, that Jesus On Extasy this time presents a very different spectrum of music, than their has delivered previously. Apart from the already mentioned unfortunate cover, it contains two interesting and captivating bonus remixes in the form of "The Mirror".
It is no longer one of many bands in the mainstream electro-industrial. In the background echoes rock and gothic motifs, that are optimally balanced. This is indeed the album with elements of electronics, except that previously pompously presented industrial is not appearing much in here. In return, there are worthily exposed metal guitars’ inserts.
Formation Jesus On Extasy managed to record an interesting album about love, transience, as well as the inability to reconcile the fancy desires with brutal reality.
A faultless execution, in addition with a not too much intrusive sound, good vocals and lyrics about an inexorable time and willingness to get away from its impact is quite compelling. The whole changes deserve a good recognition.


01. Freak Me Out
02. Lost In Time
03. Forever Now
04. Snow Of Syberia
05. The Clock
06. Vendetta
07. Heartless
08. Nothing To Cry For
09. Pulse
10. Living A Lie
11. Ordinary World
12. Nothing To Cry For (Hotel Room Recording Session)
13. Heartless (Ambient Mix)
14. The Mirror (Exclusive Bonus Track)
Translator: hellium
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