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Kifoth - Extensive Report
The new album ‘Extensive Report' from Kifoth will definitely electrify you! The duo consisting of mir Colon and K-head returns after seven years onto the EBM/Industrial scene, proposing a tracklist overflowing of energy and technically perfect formulations. "Extensive Report" represents an important milestone in the discography of this project. The full-lenght is a lush complex of rhythmic and danceable mechanisms, all synchronized with flows of artificial sounds, cold trails of synths and aggressive vocals, completed by intelligent lyrics with profound significances.
Available from 3 March 2017 by Resurrection Records.

01 Half-Side Subject
02 158 per Minute
03 Silence
04 Electrosmog
05 Global Warming
06 Idealist Cogitations
07 Proxy War
08 Water
09 Crude Oil
10 Air
11 Clandestine and Formidable
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2017-03-04 / News

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