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KMFDM - Kunst

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The latest LP from KMFDM has a familiar beginning, to say the least. The first track ‘Kunst’ is an amalgamation of elements known from the previous albums, the apex of which are the lyrics being mostly based on the titles of band’s past tunes. What does this odd recycling action mean and why am I starting the review in such a way? Cause the latest episode of ‘KMFDM Forever Sucks!’ series has just begun, that’s why. And what better way to start an episode, than with a phrase ‘Previously on...’?

Right, jokes aside, ‘listening mode’ on. Contrary to what one might expect, the already mentioned tune ‘Kunst’ is actually quite good, I was definitely hooked on. Additionally, as a kind of a by-product, it acts as a monument to the band, which they erected for themselves (a second one actually, see: XTORT), and which proves they still have a healthy attitude towards their music, the industry itself and their fans (see: opening samples).
What comes next? To put it simply: a classic KMFDM. Aggressive riffing mixed with a force of electronic bits and pieces, ultra heavy beats (none other!) and vocal duo Cifarelli/Konietzko. KMFDM as we all know and like. The said pattern is often supplemented by collaborations, and ‘Kunst’ is no exception. The track ‘The Next Big Thing’ sees a vocal addition of William Wilson from Legion Within, while ‘The Mess You Made’ features the Swedish band Morlocks. The first tune is reminds me of the time when Raymond Watts and En Esch were still part of the band, mainly due to slightly ominous vocals and distinctive, marshal beat, as well as the very lyrics, all creating a positive, if a bit nostalgic, feeling. Unfortunately, the second mentioned tune is not as enjoyable as I would like it to be. The problem is that it sounds too much like Morlocks, and too little like KMFDM. And I don’t quite fancy the former. The emphasis is put on the electronic elements of the track, which pushes the guitars back into background, at which point they lose significance completely. Usually I have nothing against such mixtures, this time, however, it got stuck halfway through.

I believe ‘Quake’ was the first tune released as a tease for the album. Wise choice indeed. Fast, vibrant and perfect for live shows. What I’d also like to hear live is ‘Ave Maria’, tune where the voice of the female part of the band got toyed with quite a bit.

Speaking of which, the form of Lucia on the album is capital. Her vocals are, as always, as varied as one could expect, best heard in my personal favourite ‘Hello’, where calm, almost ethereal singing contrasts perfectly with aggressive, exploding chorus. Same applies to ‘Pussy Riot’, a dynamic tune with an obvious theme (if not, opening and closing samples might provide a hint). ‘Animal Out’ reminds me of ‘Take It Like A Man’, which means I find it too radio-friendly for an industrial rock band.

Nevertheless, the 18th episode of ‘KMFDM Forever Sucks!’ is over, and it was a pleasure. I must get back to it some time again, maybe even ask some friends to come along? Maybe they will like it too and ask their own friends? And then the friends of my friends can...well, you know how it goes.


01. Kunst
02. Ave Maria
03. Quake
04. Hello
05. Next Big Thing
06. Pussy Riot
07. Pseudocide
08. Animal Out
09. The Mess You Made
10. I <3 Not
Translator: fiuri
Add date: 2013-04-22 / Music reviews

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