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Lilith - demo 2005

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Try to guess where you are. Very soft feminine voice leads you through secret spaces. Orient and wildness of sounds in piece #4 suggest that sensual but emphatic melody won’t make you free to go away so easily. You float with the sounds, but they won’t let you cross the gloomy gate. Masculine voice that tears the silence to shreds reminds you that you can’t enter the darkness. He brings you back to the ground in the last piece. He’ll close the door and you’ll suddenly stand up like woken from the dream that Lilith’s vocalist spread over you. “Stone door are closing”. Beautiful intro in first composition is like a beginning, breath that you must draw before they catch you like the wind and take deep into the forest, into the flowing river, to the very bottom. It’s like the whisper of silence just before the scream, just before the storm. I’m waiting for that storm, but still only the wind blows…That is good or not? They didn’t amaze me although several good motives suggest that they are on their best way. Piece number four- revelation!“Now in the mirror that’s not me any longer, like different, unfamiliar face…”. Perfectly blending vocal, I felt a touch of claw on my neck. I recommend to those who like journeys into world of Moonlight and Theatre Of Tragedy. Masculine vocal reminds me old good Amorphis. Polish words gave the possibility to understand the content, message or anything. Five songs are really impressive, with some great parts. There is a lot of them and they are just fantastic!
However Lilith still has some work to do, but they are spreading their wings of musical incarnation

1. Szeptem zaklinająca - prolog
2. Szeptem zaklinająca - zaświaty
3. Szeptem zaklinająca - sen
4. Szare krople dni
5. Nobody
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Music reviews

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