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ABC (Foreign bands)
ABC - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 4282 // Author: Vort
ABSENTH (Foreign bands)
ABSENTH - one of the most famous industrial/cyber metal bands of the Russian stage. Contemporary music hits and more technical performance is not just marked by positive reviews from music critics all over the world. Almost 10 years the band has an active concert life in Russia and CIS countries.

Early work in the directions of sustained Melodic Doom, Death, Modern Gothic metal. Today is a post-apocalyptic ABSENTH fusion of metal and electronics, organically combining the best from the world of monsters such as Rammstein, Deathstars, Oomph!, The Kovenant, Marilyn Manson, and even The Prodigy!

Language(s): rus, eng. // Visits: 1527 // Author: DarkHeart
Absenth Official WebSite (Foreign bands)
Official WebSite of Russian modern dark metal band ABSENTH. Hot news, exclusive photos, full bio and discography, concerts and tour dates, mp3, video, guestbook etc. ALL ABOUT ABSENTH!

Language(s): English, Russian // Visits: 2136 // Author: DarkHeart
Accession Records (Music labels)
Accession Records - independent label with dark electro acts such as Diary Of Dreams, Diorama, Assemblage 23, Psyche, Megadump, Haujobb...

Language(s): English, German // Visits: 2874 // Author: Vort
Act Noir (Foreign bands)
Act Noir - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 2187 // Author: Vort
Addicitive (Foreign bands)
Addicitive - official website.

Language(s): English, German // Visits: 2354 // Author: Vort
Ade Fenton (Foreign bands)
Ade Fenton - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 949 // Author: alucard
After Dark Shop (Shops)
Alternative shop.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 5570 // Author: After Dark
Agonoize (Foreign bands)
Agonoize - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1116 // Author: Vort
Agrumh (Foreign bands)
Agrumh - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1202 // Author: Vort
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