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ReGen Magazine (Portals and magazines)
ReGen Magazine is an online publication devoted to underground goth/electro/industrial music, offering comprehensive and objective critique and analysis to help expose the most talented, visionary, and creative artists to the masses.

Language(s): English // Visits: 630 // Author: DamienG
Rhombus (Foreign bands)
Rhombus are one of the finest Goth Rock bands to emerge from the UK in many years and are at the vanguard of what has been dubbed 4th wave of UK goth rock.

Language(s): English // Visits: 407 // Author: Emmanuel Munioz
Riverside (Polish bands)
Riverside - official website.

Language(s): Polish, English // Visits: 773 // Author: Vort
Rock shop (Shops)
Alternative clothing store in rock punk metal gothic style. It offers branded clothes from well-known manufacturers such as: Poizen Industries, Altercore, Vixxsin, Hell Bunny, Falon. You buy Gothic rock dresses, punk pants, rock t-shirts, trousers, studs, belt buckles and other gadgets

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 345 // Author: Anita Lubszczyk
Rock'n'Roll Music Shop (Shops)
Shop with music gear.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 1656 // Author: maxvolume
Rockets - THINK MUSIC! (Portals and magazines)
We’re a bunch of people living in Mexico City looking for more cool people from all around the world.We’ve had the pleasure of working with fantastic record labels & booking agencies producing the finest electro, techno, disco and indie rock music.

Language(s): English // Visits: 606 // Author: Emmanuel Munioz
RockOko (Portals and magazines)
Rock music web magazine. Gig reports, album reviews, photo galleries. Interviews - conversations about music and emotions.
Why do we do this? Because we do not want clichés and templates. Because we don't like a dry ”objectivity”. Within the sincerity of music objectivity does not exist. Music is a feeling, a feeling is always a subjective perception of the universe.

Language(s): English // Visits: 602 // Author: rockoko (Shops)
Goth-wear shop.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 2226 // Author: azazel66
Rotersand (Foreign bands)
Rotersand - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 397 // Author: Vort
Royksopp (Foreign bands)
Royksopp - official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 485 // Author: Vort
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