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Lisa Morgenstern - Metamorphoses

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Last Friday of holidays brought fans of widely understood gothic EP "Metamorphoses". This is the second release after a very successful debut in 2013 namely "Amphibian" from Lisa Morgenstern. Living in Berlin songwriter, composer who plays the piano and vocalist in one person once again proves top class. Each of six tracks is a high quality recording and composition. Arrangement of accents between instruments and Lisa’s vocal is perfect. Interwoven in all of tracks piano and cello engaged in dialogue with it as in opening the album "Hairy Moon" wonderfully introduce to a mood of melancholy and reverie. Reverie in which surprisingly fits second on the list "Sweet Dreams". Recording covers or subsequent versions of self-created songs is practice that frequently encounters. However, not all deserve to be considered as a success. First listening of this version of hit from "Eurythmics" band led me - an old fan of the duo - to great confusion. However, next time I acquainted with it convinced me that it is worth a consideration, maybe it is even a candidate for hit. Lisa has unusual ability to tell the same story in a different way. It shapes plastically mood and emotions while using the same instruments. Examples on "Metamorphoses" release are successive variations of "Hairy Moon" theme. Third on the list, enriched with masculine melorecitation and the fifth one deprived of vocal at all. Surprising, slightly different from others is track no.4 namely "Eskalation". Somehow it evokes in me associations with burlesque and Berlin from period of 20’s from the twentieth century shown excellent in the "Cabaret" movie by Bob Fosse, starring with Liza Minnelli and Michael York. It is hardest to refer to the last song on record "Metamorphoses [moon version]". What is in it? Inspiration of Lisa Gerard, folk, classical music... intriguing, lasting 8 minutes it is not boring but it draws, it is too bad it is over...
Admirers of classical music, melancholy and reverie will be satisfied. Piano, cello, beautiful melodious voice.
While listening to that album for almost half an hour we immerse in Lisa’s world. For me, it is far too short. I look forward for another release of this young and promising artist. "Metamorphoses" is another album for multiple listening.


01. Hairy Moon [feat. trucitate]
02. Sweet Dreams [Are Made of This]
03. Hairy Moon [novel version]
04. Eskalation [cello version]
05. Hairy Moon [piano version]
06. Metamorphoses [moon version]


Translator: hellium
Add date: 2015-03-16 / Music reviews

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