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Deathcamp Project i The Act

Deathcamp Project i The Act

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 10263

On the May 18th - during mini festival in Cafe Colomb in Poznan, there was another, after a year long break, concert of our favourite Poznan band The Act. With a new musiscian, bass guitarist, Daniel, Iza, Anton and all the rest have shown us a piece of good...



2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 11255

 With the pain in my heart [and neck :) ] I came back from the Rammstein's concert in Katowice. Obviously ,the concert took place in the club 'Spodek' and it was organized by the agency +++. I got to the hall at about 17.20, all the surroundings was already boiling...


Raison d'Etre and Gale Grand Central

2005-10-09 / Nathashah / Reads: 7317

Long-awaited concert took place in the climatic club 'Piwnica 21'. During the concert nothing could compare to Raison d’etre's visualization – the first minute and I started fantasizing about journey to the unknown world. But I shall come back to that in a moment... The single-person project Gale Grand Central...

Strong Beat

Strong Beat

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 10068

I got to the club at about 7 p.m and actually got in at about 7.03 p.m. From the start I was positively surprised by the atmosphere in the club: starting from the ushers, through security, finishing with audience - they all were strangely kind ;). when I went closer...


GLISS live in Warsaw - a night to remember

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 7209

Last Saturday in Warsaw Gliss was playing a concertm here is what they say about this gig:   these people... they can out drink and out-dance me. FUCK! the minute we took the stage it was high energy and movement from the crowd... it reminded me of the Albuquerque show on the...



2005-10-09 / Legion23 / Reads: 7467

The club no mercy occupies part of the cellar in one of the remaining buildings of Lilpop factory, or more specifically of „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein” Industrial Plant Auction Company (Towarzystwo Aukcyjne Zakładów Przemysłowych „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein”) , which has existed ever since the war. Being a typical example...

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