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Llumen - The Memory Institute (CD)
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Llumen - Cold In December
Cold In December
Add date: 2016-03-04
Label: Alfa Matrix


Llumen - The Memory Institute (CD)


Add date: 2017-01-13

Label: Alfa Matrix

1.The Memory Institute / New Moon Rise
2.Silicon Cinema
3.Cold In December
4.Where We Collide 04:54
5.Lux Aeterna
6.Force Of Nurture
7.World On Mute
8.Death Walks On High Heels
9.Huntress 05:53
10.Where We Collide (Llumen vs Vuduvox)
11.Force Of Nurture (DiffuzionRmx)
12.Silicon Cinema (Mildreda remix)
13.Death Walks On High Heels (Sinfusion remix)
14.Lux Aeterna (Venal Flesh remix)
15.Cold In December (Psy’Aviah remix)
16.Silicon Cinema (Totem Obscura vs. Acylum remix)
17.Death Walks On High Heels (Benjamin's Plague remix)
18.Huntress (Noire Antidote remix)
19.Death Walks On High Heels (Antibody remix)
20.Cold In December (Diskonnekted remix)
21.Lux Aeterna (Simon Carter’s breaks mix)