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Massive Ego - Noise In The Machine
Marc Massive in his band Massive Ego, uses own experiences to create the hottest New-Romantic-Dark-Electro-Pop-Industrial-hybrid in recent history.
Having what seems a lifetime of opportunities to look behind the faux-magic of the business, Marc Massive syphons his experiences into a fusion of counterculture-glamour, expressed through a wild mix of catchy Synth-Pop, dark Electro-Industrial-influences and New-Romantic-cool, garnished with a healthy dose of black humor.
"I Idolize You", "Dead Silence Rising" and "Low Life" (feat. Empire State Human) instantly implant themselves in the listener's brain. Also including remixes from Aesthetic Perfection and Leaether Strip, plus an assortment of floor-filling alternative versions, "Noise In The Machine", returns a much-needed element of anarchic glitz to the underground-discos.
Available from 24 July 2015 by Out Of Line.

1. I Idolize You (Modification Edit) 
2. Generation V (Frixion Mix)
3. Dead Silence Rising (Frixion Mix)
4. I Idolize You (Leaether Strip Remix)
5. I Idolize You (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
6. I Idolize You (Modification Extended Mix)
7. Generation V (Frixion Extended Mix)
8. Dead Silence Rising (Hellfire Mix)
9. Low Life (Zarkoff Remix) Massive Ego & Empire State Human
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Out Of Line / 2015-07-23 / News

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