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Matrix Downloaded 001 for the tenth brithday of Alfa Matrix
Very acclaimed and highly respected by dark independent scene Belgic label called Alfa Matric is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation. Through all years of its exsitence, the label has released numerous records of well-known artists like 32Crash, Alien Vampires, Ayria, Essence of Mind, Freakangel, Front 242, Glis, Implant, I:scintilla, Kant Kino, Komor Kommando, Leaether Strip, Nitzer Ebb, Unter Null or Zombie Girl.

On the occasion of its birthday, Alfa Matrix presents Matrix Downloaded 001 compilation for free. It consists of 34 pieces of such artists like: Komor Kommando, Ayria, Freakangel, Unter Null, Alien Vampires, Essence of Mind, Kant Kino and many, many more. In order to download it, one has to enter the facebook profile of Alfa Matrix and click "Matrix Downloaded 001" bookmark or simply click the following link
Author: semi android
Translator: murd
Source: / 2011-10-26 / News

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