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Mentallo & The Fixer - Arrange The Molecule (CD)
Mentallo & The Fixer - Arrange The Molecule (CD)

Mentallo & The Fixer

Add date: 2017-10-13

Label: Alfa Matrix

1.Just What I Had Been Missing
2.The Moment You Realize....
3.Fire Flies And The Full Moon Sky
4.Bad Trip On A Broken Heart
5.Gammera 08:00
6.Methodical Damage
7.Miracle In The Medicine Cabinet
8.The Moment U Realize (NITE Version)
9.A Lot Like The Truth 04:24
10.Neurons Firing
11.Giving In, Life & Limb
12.Treat It Like A Loaded Gun
13.Bad Friend
14.Eather Mix (Remix Medley)
15.Shadow Of My Former Self (7" Akira Mix)
16.Complete Loss Of Reality (Schizo Mix)
17.Russian Roulette With A Research Chemical
18.Prisoner In My Own Bathroom
19.The Moment You Realize/Silent Takeover
20.Metaphysical Agents (Chrysalis Mix)
21.Metaphysical Agents (Antigen)
22.Beautiful Goodbye
23.Stickman In The Static
24.Bad Trip On A Broken Heart (Extended Remix)
25.Miracle In The Medicine Cabinet 2
26.Gammera (Nite Version)
27.Bad Friend (4:20 Thug Version)