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Mestus Band


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, darkwave, metal


Band members:

Marek Juza - vocals, lyrics, music & arrangements
Grzegorz Bauer - drums & percussion
Marcin Kruczek - guitars
Krzysztof Lepiarczyk - Keyboard
Krzysztof Wyrwa - base
Piotr Bylica - cello
Marcin Pokorski - violin
Dagmara Ćwik - female vocals


Metus’ music is devoted to the beauty of God’s creation and desire for everlasting life, but also deals with the author’s personal feelings and inner battle with human imperfection. Even if it’s dark and melancholic at the first glance (echoes of dark wave, gothic & neoclassical sounds), you’ll find much deeper meaning while engrossed into the lyrics.
After years of attempts to find a label, Metus (true name Marek Juza) finally found one in his home town, Kraków (Poland), at the end of 2006. All the material for the trilogy was almost completed than so it took less than one year to record and release the three first and very original albums… (first release May 2007)
Uplifting and hopeful lyrics express the main goals of the project, floating on the waves of delicate though sorrowful sounds. Such a contrast makes an interesting and unique atmosphere. Lyrics refer to Bible in most cases. On Metus’ web site one can find a few very interesting verses which clarify the author’s idea and his deep insight into the Scriptures. His passion and desire for everlasting life is so noticeable.
Finally, as it comes to other similar music projects it’s hard to compare Metus’ music to a single genre. Rather, it’s a fusion of dark wave, gothic, neoclassical and metal with a strong lyrical layer and subtle influences of many other music styles (folk, rock and even grunge for example).