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Mind.In.A.Box - Memories


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Mind.In.A.Box releases new cyberpunk album "Memories".
"Attempt number two-hundred-eight", White hears the voice of the mechanic say.
The cameras are recording. The contraption is humming along. The machine automatically inserts the tubes into the arteries of the man. The needles are piercing his skin, entering deep into his flesh. His eyes contort. Within the blink of an eye the icy cold blue liquid floods his body like an arctic shock. Cold vapor is billowing out of his mouth. His pupils are changing.
The story continues...
Out on 24th March 2015.

01. Travel Guide
02. I Knew
03. Unforgiving World
04. No Hope
05. Synchronize
06. Bad Dreams
07. Silent Pain
08. Timelessness
09. Face It
10. Up There
11. Pedro
12. Shake-Up
13. 5nchr0ni7e

Teaser is here.
Author: morrigan
Translator: morrigan
Source: Dreamweb Music / 2015-03-21 / News

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