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Minerve + Red Emprez

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The club "u Bazyla" heat up again! Nobody has ever expected that so many people would come! Well, apart from omnipotent organizers, of course. The thing I knew though, was that RED EMPREZ would show high quality music. There was no other chance! Two gentlemen's project is a unique combination of "erotic aggression" - I know it sounds funny, but Adam, the vocalist, enchants with the tone of his voice and the lyrics as well... Aggression refers to the ways of expression, the subtlety slashed by the scream. What's more – original music. Ideal combination! All in all, RED EMPREZ did excellent. Hmm... but I still felt hunger for more. It sounds quite ordinary, but it wasn't so at the concert... But how to put it better if you're jumping right by the scene for the whole concert drinking one beer after another and not thinking about anything else (just about that it's all great!)
My thoughts full of fun, fun-daze and what follows - delight and a constatation "I have nothing more to add!" It's RED EMPREZ who speaks! Music&party&alcohol intoxication. The moment I'm writing these words I feel that I'm unable to describe the atmosphere of the concert to someone who wasn't there. Someone could say that s/he is not interested in such music. And that's fine... Still, that evening it was not only music that built the atmosphere of party trance. The people ... so many faces from outside Poznań. I greet you all: the chicks: those wearing latex and those with their busts uncovered and those harsh in boots and in buskins. Incredible show of unlimited imagination... It was worth coming just to watch and smell. I'd even risk and say that it's barely for these women the men become convinced it's worth going... So I believe all the people were satisfied: visually and aurally. The senses run wild!
MINERVE – the clou of the evening. Honestly speaking I was expecting something like complete music failure. Not my type of music and yet I was dancing. I was toddling and observing whether the vocalist slumps onto the audience or not... He was constantly leaning forward at the verge of the scene. Well. Definitely the band cannot be denied devotion and engagement. MINERVE were keeping up with RED EMPREZ and the music intoxication remained on the same high level. It's just that smoke... I can't say the effect did any good to the concert , especially that the ceiling is really low in the club. Perhaps it's a matter of the artists shyness. The smoke was probably to heat up the atmosphere- well, maybe some do like to have their lungs in their throats.
After party... It's hard to say something in detail as I was fed up at 3 a.m. As to what I saw (and partly participated in): no one was denied the party madness. Wide range of DJs playing diversified music... the triumph of the Famous Bazyl's Pole - the supplement of women's (or men's at times) performance on the dancefloor. Boiling hot it patiently stood all the exotic kinds of dancing. Great bravo for the ladies. The party would loose all its charm without you!
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2006-01-31 / Live reports

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