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Gild The Mourn - Morrígan

2014-10-21 (News)

Gild the Mourn’s 3rd single "Morrígan" was released in October 2014, via DarkSound records. The song is the newest release following their debut double single release in August. "Morrígan" as well as the singles "Shade" and "Summer’s Breath" are available exclusively through Bandcamp.

Skeptical Minds - Run for your Live cover revealed!

2014-10-20 (News)

We are glad to present you the cover of the new Skeptical Minds Live album "Run for you Live" to be released in october 2014.
 The live was recorded at Metal Female Voices Fest (BE) for the 10th anniversary of the fest but also the 10th anniversary of Skeptical Minds.
 It's their first live album, including 10 songs from all their previous releases.


Electro Fear - Heaven

2014-10-18 (News)

We gladly present a new track of new Polish dark electro project released on the compilation.


Meadow Décor - 47

2014-10-17 (News)

Meadow Décor is the modernistic creative output of Alex Tutt and Ben Airey. 

Problem is one of many tracks written, recorded and produced in the pastoral ambience of a 1970's bungalow in deepest Hampshire called 'Meadows'. Meadow Décor have drawn inspiration from their idyllic surroundings to create a blend of shimmering, glacial electronica that incorporates the dancefloor receptive elements of house music. Anthemic track 'Problem' will feature on their forthcoming EP '47' due for release in October.

listen to Problem:

Integral - Sercosa

2014-10-11 (News)

Nearly 6 years have passed since Integral‘s debut album ‘Rise‘ was released. Now the German duo returns to present their new masterpiece. ‘Sercosa‘ unfolds like a hallucination and brings visions to life in the kaleidoscope of the mind. Vivid images begin to blossom as an ever-present and hypnotic beat pulsates like a star. Simultaneously, you are in the city and the machine speaks through the fabric of the dream.

Evil Goat Riders - From Now On

2014-10-05 (News)

Catchy tunes that will stick in your head, heavy danceable beats, lyrics with a message.Evil Goat Riders is band from the Netherlands that makes EBM/Electro/Dance.

In 2013 they released their first album called 'You Think You're Famous' and half a year later they got signed at Crysella Records.

Their new album will be out this year, and it will be called 'From Now On'.

Their first videoclip is available now called: Chaos

Keywords for this album are hate and pain, as the band will take you on a trip through their personal views on relationships and life itself.

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