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Various Artists - Nyarlathotep

2016-09-26 (News)

A 190 minute dark soundscape album recorded by 25 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. Field recordings from the deepest dark corners of 4 continents. Dusty tapes out of forgotten archives. Strings through crackling amplifiers and distorted drone combine into a sea of pitch black.
"Nyarlathotep" is a manipulative being in the Lovecraftian Mythos. Unlike Cthulhu, or Azathoth, he delights in cruelty and deception. Causing madness is more important than destruction to him.
This is a collaboration and huge undertaking. 25 artists linked studios and sound for over a year so that they could work with each other. This led to deeper exploration of the Mythos and Nyarlathotep.
Artists involved in the project: Kammarheit, God Body Disconnect, Dronny Darko, Ugasanie, Kristoffer Oustad, Alphaxone, Svartsinn, SiJ, Gydja, Atrium Carceri, Darkrad, Flowers for Bodysnatchers, Aegri Somnia, Randal Collier-Ford, Neizvestija, Metatron Omega, Wordclock, ProtoU, Northumbria, Sjellos, Sabled Sun, Council of Nine, Cryobiosis, Apocryphos, Enmarta, Mystified.

Anja Orthodox - W teatrze cieni

2016-09-25 (News)

Anja Orthodox – the black lady of Polish music stage, known as the leader of Closterkeller. After years of announcements and waiting she announces the premiere of her solo material. The first trailer on Monday.


Sun Ra & Merzbow - Strange City

2016-09-25 (News)

Officially licensed from Irwin Chusid of the Sun Ra estate, rare and unreleased tracks from the Sun Ra archive to be remixed and treated by Masami Akita. The tracks incorporate the jazz power of Sun Ra, carried into brutal excess by the legendary Japanese artist, Merzbow.

Various Artists - Pyre

2016-09-24 (News)

Cold Spring releases "Pyre", a compendium of various current and forthcoming releases. The album contains 15 tracks of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental.

Epica - The Holographic Principle

2016-09-23 (News)

Epica releases "The Holographic Principle". Recorded once again with esteemed producer Joost van den Broek at the controls, »The Holographic Principle« represents the most impressive and powerful expression of Epica’s boldly inventive sound yet. One listen to thunderous new songs like 'Edge Of The Blade' and 'Universal Death Squad' will confirm that »The Holographic Principle« is Epica’s heaviest album to date. Meanwhile, the shimmering soundscapes and multi-layered melodrama of 'Once Upon A Nightmare' and the towering 11-minute title track confirm that »The Holographic Principle« is also the band’s most musically extravagant and daring release so far. With lashings of sumptuous orchestration and a never-ending stream of ingenious but brutal metal riffs and propulsive rhythms underpinning the whole explosive enterprise, this is an album that raises the bar for the entire symphonic metal genre.
"With every album we tend to get heavier and that definitely goes for the new album," Isaac explanes. "You can find lots of interesting guitar riffing, accentuating the fact we are a metal band in the first place."

Opeth - Sorceress

2016-09-22 (News)

2016 marks the monumental return of one of heavy rock’s most unique, revered and fearless bands of the last three decades, Opeth. Over the years, the experimental, prog veterans have continuously reinvented themselves, pushing the boundaries of their craft and expectations of fans and critics alike.
Opeth's 12th album, »Sorceress«, is a proof that chief architect Mikael Åkerfeldt has a near-endless well of greatness inside. From the album’s opener "Persephone" to "The Wilde Flowers" and "Strange Brew" to the album’s counterpart title tracks "Sorceress" and "Sorceress II", Opeth’s twelfth full-length is an unparalleled adventure, where visions cleverly and secretly change, colours mute as if weathered by time, and sounds challenge profoundly.
Åkerfeldt: "I can only talk from my perspective and taste here, but we offer diversity that’s not really present in the scene today. Whatever genre. We’ve always been a special band."

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