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Frame Of Mind - Murderous Thoughts

2017-01-12 (News)

Founded in 1988 Frame of Mind also known as Michael Friedrich (Music, Synths, Programming) and Marko Hein (Text & Voice) started to produce dark electro wave inspired by their heroes Skinny Puppy. As part of the "first wave" of new bands of that genre the band recorded two songs: "Love is…" and "...Is love", for the first part of the famous "Body Rapture" compilation which was released in 1990 by Talla 2XLC. After getting noticed by the scene and various live shows they started to record their first full length album.
As a coincidence Marko met Torben Schmidt in 2015 and the idea for another classics CD was born. As part of the classics series now is released this true treasure under the name "Murderous Thoughts", again digitally remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-X.
Almost 30 years after being created the album will finally see the light of day! Strictly limited and will not be repressed.

Llumen - The Memory Institute

2017-01-11 (News)

"The Memory Institute", the much anticipated debut full length album of Belgian audio-visual artist Pieter Coussement, offers a diverse palette of sounds blending old school EBM elements with more contemporary modern electronics. It portrays a wide variety of styles, all bound by Llumen’s love for complex layered arrangements, pulsing bass and steady beats.
Llumen delivers a much varied album that encompasses many of the current trends in dark electronic music, mixing solid EBM roots, emotional melodic Wave and modern electronic trends.

Kant Kino - Kopfkino

2017-01-10 (News)

More than ever, Kant Kino with "Kopfkino" manage here to intelligently combine ripping basslines, fast hammering electro beats with more melodic synth arrangements and catchy vocal lines.
A challenging sonic approach reminding us of how broad the spectrum of influences of the band members Lars and Kenneth can be. Strongly rooted in the early EBM style, Kant Kino with their new album explore and reflects how our minds run away to direct their own movies. Our minds being able to create both the best and worst thoughts in life…
This album version features 6 exclusive bonus tracks, but which are also accompanied by additional remixes and other unique fruitful collaborations with other bands and DJ’s.

Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri - Echo

2017-01-09 (News)

Simon, Pär and Robert are back together again after their last album "Onyx".
"Echo" explores mankind's weakness to self destruction. As nature is cyclical so is man's will to destroy. Like a Moth drawn to pulsating light, the painful histories of the past echo with terrifying glee.
Rumbling drone hits your chest, a smooth contour of bass stroking a distant piano. Subdued humming flows out of Pär's nightly studio into the cold Swedish winter. Across the horizon Robert's angelic choirs boom. The smell of burnt circuits as he cranks his distortion to the melting point within the deep woods of Pennsylvania.

Written, Produced, Performed: Apocryphos - Robert Kozletsky, Kammarheit - Pär Boström, Atrium Carceri - Simon Heath.
Artwork & Mastering by Simon Heath.

Cryo Chamber - Dark Ambient of 2016

2016-12-28 (News)

Continuing Cryo Chamber's yearly tradition, we picked some interesting releases this year. Some that fall well within our dark ambient borders, and some that scratch at the surface extending it's inky tendrils all over neighbouring genres.
On this 1+ hour album we get to explore God Body Disconnect, Apocryphos, Sabled Sun and much more.

00:00 God Body Disconnect - Rise of the Dormant Host
06:53 Hoshin - Souvenir from the Sacred
13:14 Keosz - Low Down
18:49 Sabled Sun - Overgrown
22:55 Metatron Omega - Transductio
31:40 Apocryphos - Consanguineous Spirit
39:44 ProtoU - Unreal Symbols
50:20 Cities Last Broadcast - Glossolalia
57:02 Enmarta - Apokatástasis II

Nine Inch Nails - Not The Actual Events

2016-12-27 (News)

"Not The Actual Events", the new 5 song EP finds Reznor and now official bandmate Atticus Ross taking an unexpected left turn from 2013’s "Hesitation Marks" and sounding unrecognizable from their current film work.
"It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make" says Reznor. "It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story."

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