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Angels of Liberty - Angels Of Liberty

2016-08-28 (News)

This edition combines two very limited and immediately sold out limited EP’s by the British Goth act Angels of Liberty. British Terrorizer magazine on the band: "Angels of Liberty are one of the darkest, emerging talents from the UK's goth scene. With roots firmly in traditional 80s/90s goth, their creations are very much a nod to the ‘old guard', yet very distinctive, blending of guitars and drum machine programming, comparison influences from early Sisters of Mercy and Nosferatu are immediately obvious. There is an immediate air of deepening anticipation reminiscent of a darkening fairytale, with classical strings, simple atmospherics and harp-like chords but also songs that develop a distinctive base of haunting guitars and powerful drum sequences that envelope the misery laden vocals with a sense of desperate urgency under a veil of elaborate atmospherics!"

Silentways - Silentways

2016-08-27 (News)

Silentways were formed in 2014, the band was born out of the ruins of the acclaimed dark wave band The Trees, active and very successful in the 90’s. After The Trees officially split up in 2005 they decided to continue playing together. In 2014 Annalisa Lynch (voice and lyrics) and Roberto Esposito (guitars and synths), former members of The End of Tapes, a tiny experimental cult band, joined the three ex-The Trees musicians to work on the new project Silentways. The new band combines monumental 80’s darkwave with ethereal dream pop of the 90’s. The musical influences of the five musicians generate into a sonic mixture characterized by dense and hypnotic atmospheres from where the dreamy heavenly voice of Annalisa Lynch arises.

Torul - Savior Of Love

2016-08-26 (News)

Their hits such as "Try", "In Whole", "The Fall" or "Difficult to kill" established Torul in the international Synth-/Electropop scene within no time. After their former leadsinger Jan Jenko did leave the band in the beginning of 2016 the band successfully "reset" with their new face and voice Maj. A quite nice change which made them even stronger.
"Saviour of love" is the first impressive release with their new vocalist. The 333 piece limited Maxi-CD comes with 5 songs/mixes featuring single & extended version as well as a nice "Sono" remix of the title track and the non album song "A night like this" (The Cure cover).

Diorama - Zero Soldier Army

2016-08-25 (News)

Three and a half year after their latest album, leading German Dark Electro act Diorama return with their all new album. From the explosive opening track ‘ZSA’ to the almost surreal album closer ‘Stay Undecided’, Diorama celebrate their unique mixture of Dark Electro, Indie and Progressive.
"The Songs have been written in these our hard times of more and more intricated global crisis and the ever growing raise of fanatic nationalism and other insane incidents of certain human minds. We intended to oppose a ‘term' to the increasing bewilderment / the imminent fiasco of human civilization we all seem to precipitate towards… a term that would express at the same time our incapacity to defend ourselves and our will to fight for what our civilization has reached over the past centuries – the "Zero Soldier Army"" explains Diorama mastermind Torben Wendt.
"When we produced "Zero Soldier Army", we first of all re-discovered our love for powerful Electronic sound and further developed it. Harder and straighter as on recent albums, but with that specific feel for melancholy as always. The album turned out to be 100% Diorama.

The Beauty of Gemina - Minor Sun

2016-08-24 (News)

The album «Minor Sun» is a sort of the project's 10-years birthday present, dedicated first and foremost to the band's most loyal fans, who have been eagerly awaiting its release. Those looking to classify the The Beauty Of Gemina, might choose Dark Wave, a genre characterized as dark, forlorn, lamenting yet longing. «That's probably not far off. It's an apt description of the scene in which our music has struck a chord and the types of large festivals we play in Europe,» agreed Michael Sele, before finishing his thought with a wink. «It fits perfectly to the "little" sun in minor key that we radiate. Because we're not all that dark, in fact musically we're quite bright and colorful. We tackle societal and contemporary topics as a modern band, melding soundscape and lyrics into a cohesive ensemble.» The Beauty Of Gemina's new album «Minor Sun» is guaranteed not to leave you hanging.

Sieben - The Old Magic

2016-08-23 (News)

Sieben's "The Old Magic" is coming in a special ‘Maltese Cross'-shaped digipak with artwork by Martin F. Bedford.
Matt Howden's Neo-Classical project Sieben finally returns with a new physical release! The Album brings together and further develops into a cohesive whole, the digital EP series started last year.
It contains mostly re-worked, new 2016 versions of selected tracks from the 3 EPs ‘Lietuva' (May 2015), ‘Norse' (November 2015) and ‘Briton' (February 2016), previously available in their original form as digital downloads only – plus 2 new, Exclusive Tracks not available anywhere before!
The mood is firmly set in Roman Britain. Matt Howden, Sieben, is in more confrontational and hypnotic mood than ever.

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