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The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

2015-03-29 (News)

The Prodigy announce their new album "The Day is My Enemy", release via the bands own label Take Me To The Hospital through Cooking Vinyl. It is an album that takes you on a journey through the unchartered underbelly of urban nightlife where anger is an ever-present energy lurking just beneath the surface of an edgy calm.

Laibach – Spectre Digital Deluxe

2015-03-28 (News)

Laibach have announced details of the "Spectre" in digital deluxe version of the album. New version will feature the original album plus bonus tracks and "Spectremix", a remix album (also available separately on the same date).

Stendal Blast - Wir Ergeben Uns: Das Beste Zum Schluss

2015-03-27 (News)

Stendal Blast released five studio albums in its history. With their songs, Stendal Blast became avantgarde musicians, who closed the gap between sophisticated textes and catchy compositions. In 2006 Stendal Blast gave with "Schmutzige Hände" a mature, musically and lyrically brilliant album to the fans. "Fährmann" became another big scene hit. And with melancholic songs like "Trümmer" and "Paradies" the musicians showed themselfes again as the vanguard who had no fear of risk.

Hocico – In The Name Of Violence

2015-03-26 (News)

"In The Name Of Violence" is Hocico's brand new material, where the title "is not just a name": what emanates from the speakers is pure, electronic violence. It is almost hard to believe that this music comes from a band that had been genre-defining for more than twenty years, so fresh, punky, brash and furious is the sound of the title track and "Silent Crow."

Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

2015-03-25 (News)

The new Nightwish is here! "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" is the first studio album with Floor Jansen, Troy Donockley and Kai Hahto!
A new era begins Nightwish has always stood for virtuoso perfection. They are able to evoke fantastic dream worlds, fade out time and space, and touch you deep inside with their majestic symphonic compositions.

Aeverium – Break Out

2015-03-24 (News)

No other band currently merges the essences of gothic-, nu- and symphonic-metal as explosively as Aeverium on their debut album "Break Out."
The album  starts out with a whizz-bang-projectile of a song, expertly fusing the energy of early Linkin Park with the cinematic sound of Evanescence in the album's title track, while brilliantly showcasing how well Aeverium's two singer complement each other:

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