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Blutengel - Save Us

2016-06-28 (News)

Blutengel opens a impressive new chapter in an unparalleled success story: the new album "Save Us" is a magnificent successor to the "Monument."  Few groups can match Blutengel's prowess in expertly pulling the strings on an entire gamut of feelings, creating a gripping yet catchy monument for the dark side that resides deeply in each and everyone of us, while transitioning seamlessly into a dance floor compatible fireworks display of electronic beats. From the pompous orchestral intro that segues into the monumental hit single "Sing", via pumping Gothic-Electro-sounds like in "The Siren" or the nostalgic "Asche zu Asche", to the anthemic "Wir sind was wir sind", which beds a dark prophecy into addictive sounds, Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann display a greater versatility than ever, this time around. "Save Us" generates an irresistible pull from a masterful combination of opposing forces, such as the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell, eroticism and emotion, or atmosphere and club-feeling. The new album is sexy, sinister, opulent, fragile and full of floor-filling potential.

Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen

2016-06-27 (News)

An exciting discovery of 70's experimental electronic music: Jürgen Karg's career in music began in the 1960s as bass player for German jazz legend Wolfgang Dauner. It was not until the 1970s that he switched his attention to electronic music, launching himself wholeheartedly into exploring the genre and building up an extensive collection of synthesizers over a five year period. His efforts culminated in the "Elektronische Mythen" LP, a mighty opus of experimental music which reveals new aspects every time it is played.

Michel Banabila - Early Works. Things popping up from the past

2016-06-26 (News)

Michel Banabila, born 1961, is a sound artist, composer, and producer. Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, theatre plays and choreographies. This album collects 11 songs from his early years, released on tape, vinyl EPs or limited CD editions: beautiful minimal loop-based electronica, neo-classical pieces and ambient drone music.

Hexadiode - Ibex

2016-06-25 (News)

The Hexadiode's supremacy is perceptible from the first listen. Anyone who comes into contact with their songs will find in them a strong differentiation from the usual electronic schemes. This super duo-act coming from Ohio is a great revelation, something concretely innovative and stylistically exciting in the worldwide technological music scene. The sounds created by Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh are built through obscure harsh-aggressive vocals that destabilize your mind, combined with mechanized drumming and to sonic structures that interpret in an absolutely original way the traditional oldschool EBM concepts, introducing within them electro-industrial complements addressed mainly to the dancefloors. All these features are integrated in the twelve tracks of the debut album entitled "Ibex".

Penny Rimbaud’s L’Académie Des Vanités - Yes Sir, The Truth Of Яevolution

2016-06-24 (News)

CRASS’ album, ‘Yes, Sir, I Will’, was in 1982 possibly the most angry and hard hitting attack on the political/military/industrial complex ever consigned to vinyl. In 2014, Rimbaud was asked to participate in the Rebellion Festival, which caused rewriting the album by replacing screams of anguish with laments of love. Retitled as ‘Yes, Sir, the Truth of ᴙevolution’, Rimbaud was joined by CRASS’ lead vocalist Eve Libertine plus a group of leading musicians from the London jazz scene with whom they’d worked extensively in the past, named ‘L’Académie des Vanités’. The live recording of that show, presented here, captures all the tense excitement created by presenting a primarily punk audience with complex poetics of love, accompanied by equally demanding freeform, improvised jazz. However, as had generally been the case with CRASS’ output, wild and worrisome, it would be wise to expect the unexpected.
‘We are poets, armed with the cobblestones of love, unconditional, uncompromising, beyond need of proof.’

Psyche - Unveiling the Secret + Bonus

2016-06-23 (News)

Psyche's "Unveiling the Secret" is in many ways the quintessential underground 80’s synthpop achievement. Lauded by fans and praised by generations of musicians, including Sven Vath, Joris Voorn, and Eskil Simonsson, the album's title track has attained that rare status of an enduring cult-classic. Tracks like "The Saint Became A Lush", equally a powerful dance classic itself, and "Prisoner to Desire", is as good as the genre gets. It is no wonder this record of all Psyche's records is consistently said to be the greatest. On this record Darrin Huss really perfected his vocal style and range, from the sublime melody on "Prisoner to Desire", to the controlled chaos of the masterful "Lord Unleashed", to the explosive punk delivery of "Caught in the Act", or even the balladesque "Taking Chances". It is one of those albums that blows you away anew each time, and yet feels like a new album no matter the passing decade.

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