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Project Pitchfork - Look Up, I'm Down There

2016-10-21 (News)

The new Project Pitchfork record is a turning point. The beginning of something new, built on the foundation of an unprecedented career. "Look Up, I'm Down There" is being released as a huge surprise, commemorating the 25th anniversary of this pioneering act. It is rewriting history once again, too. Like never before, Peter Spilles injects the entirety of his vast artistic work into a single release, embracing the myriad of inspirations, visions and sounds that have orbited him since day one.

Blutengel - History – The Vinyl Collection

2016-10-20 (News)

Limited to 499 copies world-wide, the box set "History – The Vinyl Collection" brings the first 5 albums of Blutengel to vinyl for the first time, ever.
"History – The Vinyl Collection" now finally bundles the break-though long players "Child Of Glass", "Seelenschmerz", "Angel Dust", "Demon Kiss" and "Labyrinth" on classy double-LP editions, while each of them is sporting a different color. The LPs come in a solid, lacquered and lavishly printed large-scale slipcase that renders this strictly limited fan-item a real gem.
All albums have been carefully remastered for vinyl by the band let you re-live the classic albums that made Blutengel great in a completely new sound.

Penetration - Resolution

2016-10-19 (News)

After a 36 year hiatus, Penetration returns with its third album "Resolution". Original members Pauline Murray (vocals), Robert Blamire (bass) Steve Wallace & Paul Harvey (guitarists since 2002) are joined by John Maher (Buzzcocks, Invisible Girls) on drums.
An integral part of the punk/new wave movement in the late 1970’s, Penetration was always unique and with "Resolution", that still stands true.

Ego Likeness - The Compass EPs

2016-10-18 (News)

Ego Likeness blends powerful female vocals with elements of electronica, darkwave, trip hop, & rock. "The Compass EPs" is a collection of four limited EP’s, "South", "West", "North", & "East" in their entirety, & 3 songs from the "Lowest Place On Earth" single. The two CD set is a compelling document of the band’s sound and its evolution over the span between the "Breedless" and "When The Wolves Return" albums.

Nachtmahr - Mit vereinten Kräften

2016-10-17 (News)

"Mit vereinten Kräften" (With joint forces) - a statement that couldn't fit better to the global Nachtmahr army and is now becoming the title of a very special release. Thomas Rainer once again summons his international troops to thank them for their fidelity and to build them a monument perpetually claiming that Nachtmahr is much more than a project, much more than an idea. Armed with cover versions done by close friends, passionate fans or long-time collaborators and stunningly visualized by you, the Nachtmahr soldiers.
Sure enough, also "Mit vereinten Kräften" is unleashing an aural force that will once again convulse the scene. Shiv-R have a go at "Rise and Fall", Lolita Komplex turn "I believe in Blood" into a massive Goth Rock anthem, Phosgore take no prisoners with their rendition of "Wir sind die Toten", Gregor Beyerle, one of the fixed stars in the Nachtmahr universe, showcase his production talent with "Ich bin", Extize are all about the "Filles en Uniforme".
A total of 17 projects sinks their teeth into Nachtmahr tracks from all eras and unearth some surprising and hidden facets that once again bear testimony to how much prowess really lurks in Thomas Rainer's battle cries.

ProtoU - Khmaoch

2016-10-15 (News)

Sasha returns with "Khmaoch" album, crafted in the Kiev high rise and the Black Room Studio.
Exploring eastern esoteric traditions this will take you on a voyage through old civilization. The crackling sound of incense fills ancient ruins. A solitary flute by Ivan Ioanov leads you through dim lit passageways underneath. Deep drone summons forgotten spirits as lush noise of mother earth calms the soul. The contrast of dark and light on this album serves an enlightening experience.

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