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Forgotten Sunrise - Guardian Curtains

2016-02-11 (News)

Estonian Dark-Electro-pioneers Forgotten Sunrise return with a brand-new single which shows them from their most accessible side. The perfect appetizer for an upcoming album release.
Forgotten Sunrise have always been interested in breaking sonic boundaries, gleefully ignoring genre limitations and creating an altogether unique dark electronic sound. The new single "Guardian Curtains" is carried by Anders Melts' dark and sonorous voice that is both club-oriented and gloomily atmospheric. The single includes the original and 3 remixes created by Millimetric, Leæther Strip, and Wychdoktor.

SiJ & Textere Oris - Reflections under the sky

2016-02-10 (News)

"Reflections under the sky", a collaboration between Moscow based Textere Oris and Ukrainian project SiJ comes this field recording focused release. A merger of warm tape noise fused recordings and analogue acoustics, it paints a larger than life picture of nature with a warm but at times brooding backdrop with and overlay of sacral vocals.

Somatic Responses - Folding Space

2016-02-09 (News)

Five years after the breathtaking album 'Concrete Glider' Somatic Responses present a new masterpiece 'Folding Space'. The welsh duo throughout the fourteen tracks introduce a heavy crossfire of various electronic music styles between cinematic ambient soundscapes, melodic acid influenced technoid electro, aggressive idm / breakbeat and powerful industrial. Gentle harmonies, abstract syncopation and frenetic distorted beat patterns drastically take turns resulting in a diversified kaleidoscope of moods within more than 75 minutes.
Once again Somatic Responses have produced an excellent album which is harsh and subtle at the same time and which combines nocturnal gloom with radiant luminance.

Les Berrtas - Knochenschäler

2016-02-08 (News)

"Der Knochenschäfer geht um…" one of the true german shouts which made the floors burn back in the 90's! German band Les Berrtas also known as G. Why Kai and Micha Chainsaw did manage to give new impulses to the electro scene with their self released cassette "Prolog" and a limited 7" release called "Die Würmer". No wonder German cult indie label Hypnobeat, also known for acts such as Project Pitchfork, Evils Toy, Digital Factor, Love Like Blood or Trial, did sign them to release the EP "Metamorphosis" and the rare album "Nekropolis". Legendary live performances made them even more popular.
"Knochenschäler" is the title of the famous classics collection which pays tribute to Les Berrtas. The band has searched for some true rarities which are presented in digitally remastered format for best audio performance.

Agent Side Grinder - Irish Recording Tape

2016-02-07 (News)

Finally available again. The since long deleted second album from Agent Side Grinder "Irish Recording Tape". This edition limited to 500 copies worldwide comes in mint-green vinyl color and includes the hits "Die To Live", "Life In Advance" and other classic tracks.

Blutengel - Nemesis-The Best Of and Reworked

2016-02-06 (News)

There is hardly any wonder that Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl, when faced with the proposition of releasing a compilation of his greatest hits, started asking himself the question: "what would our classic tunes have sounded like if we had had today's technology and know-how at our hands, back then?" And as a the standard "best of"-fare always has the bitter taste of a cheap cash in, the idea for "Nemesis" was born and Blutengel started re-recording a selection of their favorite hits from their early days from scratch. The result is nothing short of impressive, as classics like the seminal "Black Roses", "Vampire Romance" or "Engelsblut" are not only reinvigorated, but gain a completely new and mesmerizing identity of their own. The new versions experience make revisiting the favorite Blutengel blasts from the past an adventurous and enthralling experience.
With "Nemesis - The Best Of & Reworked", Blutengel are not only releasing their first official Greatest-Hits-Album, but also a rather special kind of history lesson, presenting classic songs, hits and favorites from the past in the sound of today.
Also available as a deluxe double CD, double vinyl and strictly limited fan set featuring an exclusive bonus DVD with all official Blutengel-video-clips & an exclusive logo medallion.

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