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KMFDM - Salvation

2015-07-06 (News)

KMFDM presents "Salvation", an EP of reworked tracks from the recent "Our Time Will Come". In conjunction with this summer’s Salvation tour. The up-tempo, hook-laden title track is given the remix treatment from Dope Stars Inc. and Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Blood Vs. Money by KMFDM’ tourmate Chant and Tom Stanzel, and "Brainwashed" remixed by Sascha Konietzko himself!

Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return

2015-07-05 (News)

Ego Likeness presents the long awaited new album "When The Wolves Return". The duo blends powerful female vocals with elements of electronica, darkwave, trip hop, and rock.
In the time between "Breedless" and "When The Wolves Return", the band faced a series of personal battles like sickness. Deaths. Personal demons. The couple found themselves in dark places. The resultant years of struggle tribulations, and eventual triumph are all represented in "When The Wolves Return".

The Membranes - Dark Matter/Dark Energy

2015-07-04 (News)

The Membranes, the legendary influential UK band released several critically acclaimed albums and singles in the eighties. "Their death to traditional rock", discordant music was part of the anti-rock music with contemporaries like The Birthday Party, Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans, The Ex and The Fall as well as fringe darker band like Bauhaus and Killing Joke.

Shiv-r - On Blackened Wings

2015-07-03 (News)

"On Blackened Wings" is the name of upcoming remix album from Shiv-r! It is containing remixes from such acts as: Freakangel, Acylum, L’Âme Immortelle, ∆aimon, made track by track, from the latest album "Wax Wings Will Burn". It is a limited CD edition.

Various Artists - Matrix Downloaded 004

2015-07-02 (News)

With the 4th edition of their free "Matrix Downloaded" label digital compilation, Belgium's Alfa Matrix label does not only celebrate its 14th birthday, but also prepared for you the perfect eclectic alternative music soundtrack for your well-deserved Summer holiday. This free (or pay as you wish) compilation is once again downloadable via the label's Bandcamp page:
Again a nice present for all of us with some 57 songs that reflect the Alfa Matrix music repertoire in the full-force of its diversity. 

Castle Party 2015 compilation

2015-07-01 (News)

The compilation presenting bands playing at this year's edition of Castle Party festival will be released by Alchera Visions (as an exclusive 3-panel digipack). There are 17 tracks by such artists as  Paradise Lost, Juno Reactor, Wardruna, Psyche, Artrosis, God's Bow or Job Karma. This year's edition of the festival will take place in two weeks, from 16 to 19 July 2015 in Bolków.

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