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Dope Stars Inc. – TeraPunk

2015-02-27 (News)

"TeraPunk" is the fifth album of the cyberpunk rock band Dope Stars Inc. The new album is a mix of industrial, rock, and electro music with a raw punk attitude.

Tanzwut - Freitag der 13

2015-02-26 (News)

Tanzwut stands for the most versatile and most imaginative band in the medieval scene. No other band manages to link modernity and history as good as front man "Teufel" and his men. "Freitag der 13." ("Friday the 13th") – the 13 tracks make this album a highlight for any fan of medieval rock music.

Biomekkanik – Violently Beautiful

2015-02-25 (News)

The electro-ebm masters are finally back with an all new album! Biomekkanik is the solo project from Christer Hermodsson, a.k.a. Crull-E, from legendary Swedish bands S.P.O.C.K.. Tracing many years of experience with electronic music, both as a band member and as a producer, Christer units his experience from the synth pop of S.P.O.C.K and Sista Mannen På Jorden, coupled with the harsher and heavier sound.

Toc – Haircut

2015-02-24 (News)

When Toc deals with hair, it’s not about splitting them; the three musicians are closed enough in their quest of the ultimate sonic brushing. Toc seeks, cuts, equalizes, and often uncurls. Its research is slow and progressive, repetitive and insistent, with electrified energy, always built in the moment. Neither permanent nor straight, the music waves, makes loops, gradations and colors.

Christine Plays Viola - The Stars Can't Frighten

2015-02-24 (News)

"The Stars Can't Frighten", the new EP consists of two new songs linked by both the musical point of view and from the point of view of the theme: the first is entitled "The Stars Can't Frighten - Part I (Screenshots From Empyrean) ", the second is entitled "The Stars Can't Frighten - Part II (Landing At The River Of Despair)." It develops the theme of love: initial enthusiasm, the appearance of the first discontent, crisis and deterioration, the end, regrets and nostalgia.

The Last Hour - Deadline

2015-02-23 (News)

Seventh Crow Records and The White Room Netlabel present The Last Hour’s new album, entitled "Deadline", on 4-pages Digifile CD and digital formats. Music is post-cold dark wave with the extensive use of synthesizers. The new album sounds more electronic and groovy than in the past, but with dark mood as always. The album, recorded in Vasto (Italy) and Montreal (Canada), was produced by Roberto Del Vecchio and Carlo Baldini.

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