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Various Artists - Digital Infaction - Strike 1

2015-08-03 (News)

"Digital Infaction - Strike 1" is compilation promoting Infacted Recordings artists and their individual releases. It is available digitally by Bandcamp in pay the "minimum" or whatever you feel good with. This compilation gives you a nice inside view on some great electronic talents in the label! 

Metatron Omega - Gnosis Dei

2015-08-02 (News)

Scorpio V from Serbia presents us with Metatron Omega, a dark ambient project inspired by a variety of Eastern/Western esoteric and religious traditions. Massive choir works paints a picture of dilapidated cathedrals crumbling under the pressure of time. Sacred vocal work speaks of the path to enlightenment to a backdrop of textural field recordings and monasterial reverberations.

Front Line Assembly - Epitaph

2015-08-01 (News)

Front Line Assembly stormed into the new millennium with "Epitaph", a 10-track melodic-industrial album that saw praise from the likes of Outburn, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Side-Line, All Music, and others. The album's success landed FLA with a song in the Resident Evil film, and the album spawned a successful single, "Everything Must Perish".

Prayers - Young Gods

2015-07-31 (News)

Pioneering goth/electronic/industrial duo Prayers from San Diego formed in 2013 with vocalist Leafar Seyer and producer Dave Parley. Both Mexican immigrants, the two have transformed the sound and look of modern gothic music. They have created a genre known as SD Kill Wave aka Cholo Goth, which fuses the sounds of new wave with Southern California gang lifestyle. Prayers pulls from the darkest dance and goth elements to bring their stories of pride and struggle to life.

Stendeck - Folgor

2015-07-30 (News)

Following a 4-year interlude since the release of his hit LP "Scintilla", renowned electronic artist Stendeck returns with his highly-anticipated 5th studio album "Folgor".

Dronny Darko & protoU - Earth Songs

2015-07-29 (News)

Dronny Darko and protoU presents a highly conceptual work in "Earth Songs". Starting with the Big Bang, leading us through a path of evolution from the first life below the surface to the connected consciousness of humanity and us finally leaving earth. A dark ambient album of soothing, dreamy atmospheric drones and field recordings.

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