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De/Vision - 13

2016-05-26 (News)

The German synth pop act De/Vision, aka Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam, is releasing a new 10-track album entitled "13". It is the band’s 13th studio release up to date. De/Vision: "One thing is for sure: It will of course sound electronic… very much electronic."
The band has been working with a new production team. Ken Porter, song-writer, musician and producer (Intuition, Garrett Miles, etc.) and Stan Cotey from the USA are taking over from the production duo Josef Bach and Arne Schumann.
The new album is the follow-up to the 2012 release "Rockets and Swords".

NOIR - The Burning Bridge

2016-05-25 (News)

NOIR was formed as a project that would combine both Athan's Industrial and Gothic past while remaining very much in the electronic present. NOIR's fourth release "The Burning Bridge", an EP that is dedicated to David Bowie and contains the first new material from NOIR since 2013. The song, "The Burning Bridge," is written by Maroulis and Erik Gustafson (16volt, Adoration Destroyed). "The Burning Bridge" EP also features an eclectic series of covers starting with an obscure Ministry song from 1982 entitled "Same Old Madness," along with a cover of Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur," as well as an interpretation of "In Every Dream Home A Heartache," a Roxy Music song recorded live on WFMU radio on December 12th, 2013.

Plastic Noise Experience - Push and Punish

2016-05-24 (News)

Plastic Noise Experience goes vinyl!
And to celebrate the event, old-school EBM veteran Claus Kruse made exclusive "vinyl remixes" of 11 songs taken from his sophomore "Therapy" album, giving them a real "12" extended version" feel, just like in the good old days…
The vinyl can be ordered here:

Vanguard - Never Surrender

2016-05-23 (News)

After the successful single release "I want to live", Jonas Olovsson and Patrik Hansson, better known as Vanguard return with their third studio release to date entitled "Never Surrender". For the production of this new album the Swedish duo did manage to get mister Rob Dust, known for his remix and production work for Camouflage, NamNamBulu, Chrom, Frozen Plasma, Visage, Torul, Joachim Witt, as production mastermind behind their mixing desk. "Never Surrender" sounds fresh and modern as well as classical at the same time, combining the charm of early 80s pop with wave and electronic influences from club sounds to ballads. The band impresses with catchy hook lines and nice flute melodies which are clever mixed to create 12 diverse new soundscapes.

Spark! - Maskiner

2016-05-22 (News)

"Maskiner" is the name of the new album from the almighty Spark!. Mattias Ziessow and Christer Hermodsson deliver an amazing new album with 11 smash hits. A future classic!
With albums such as '65 Ton Stal', 'Ett Lejon I Dig' and 'Hela Din Varld', Spark! has built a strong following in the electronic body music scene. But Spark! has never followed the "scene standard" of EBM but instead built their own unique sound mixing catchy pop music into the old EBM formula.

Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts

2016-05-21 (News)

Katatonia, the Swedish purveyors of dark progressive rock/metal, release their eagerly awaited 10th studio album – "The Fall of Hearts". It is the first record to feature new drummer Daniel ’Mojjo’ Moilanen and with the addition of their recently recruited guitarist Roger Öjersson (Tiamat), who came in just in time to sprinkle some blistering solos on the album, Katatonia will continue to push their musical boundaries beyond their roots in the metal scene while drawing in new fans from across the musical spectrum, cementing Katatonia’s place as one of the most revered and cherished of all bands in the world of modern heavy music.

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