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Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill (Re-Release)

2016-05-05 (News)

The most successful and influential Suicide Commando Album, "Bind, Torture, Kill" will see a double vinyl re-issue strictly limited to 500 units.
The album highlights the musical talent of Johan Van Roy, aka Suicide Commando and shows him on the peak of his skills. The wild maelstrom of Arpeggiator sequences, whipping, machinelike drums and dark vocals and lyrics turned "Bind, Torture, Kill" into a heritage hit on industrial dancefloors worldwide and inspired literally dozens of industrial copycats throughout the last decade. The album is getting released in a luxurious gatefold cover accompanied by the sought after "Conspiracy With The Devil" bonus release, a four track CD single, that is available on the last side of the double vinyl release.

Shibalba / Phurpa - Teachings Of Eastern Traditions

2016-05-04 (News)

The alignment of two Esoteric / Ritual Dark Ambient minds.
The Woven threads of the Lunar Goddesses manifold thrice around the Solar Temples of Samadhi. A totality of reverberations, folding and dissolving the aural trance beyond the audible and the visible, an astral key to reach the spheres of the Ancient Gnosis and dream of the Divine Fields, where the Adept is destined to Be United once more with the Higher Gods.
Ltd x 300 copies on black vinyl,
Ltd x 100 copies on red vinyl – exclusive to Cold Spring customers.

Saft - Norrbacka

2016-05-01 (News)

One of the most legendary Swedish synthpop acts of all times, Saft, returns after one and a half decade under the ice. Saft was during their most active time without the biggest electronic pop act around in Sweden and even reached a big audience outside the synthpop scene with their extremely catchy and well produced tracks.
2016 they finally return with a new album. With the new album "Norrbacka" Saft returns to their roots. Easy listening, well produced and super catchy tunes! The return of a Swedish legend for sure.
The first 200 orders comes with a limited edition signed bonus disc. Then the standard CD will be available.

Victor Love - Technomancy

2016-04-30 (News)

Victor Love - "Technomancy" is a merging industrial & dark electro. Distorted drums, obscure synths and controversial lyrics. The album features guest stars KMFDM, Deathstars, Spiritual Front, Army Of The Universe, Aborym & Zu and emerging artists Deflore, The Enigma TNG, Hate Inc. & ORAX. An album rich with different styles and featuring exceptional artwork designed by pixel artist Valenberg.

Henric de la Cour - Two Against One

2016-04-29 (News)

Henric de la Cour is finally back with new material after the brilliant album "Mandrills". "Two Against One" is nothing less that a killer smash hit.
Comes as a fully printed business-card USB, hand numbered. Limited to just 100 numbered units worldwide.

Dawn Of Ashes - Theophany

2016-04-28 (News)

Seamlessly blending black metal and industrial influences, Dawn Of Ashes is music of violent power, unrelenting destruction, and cinematic scope. The new album, "Theophany", is a ruthless horror show for the ears, eyes and mind. The new album shows Dawn Of Ashes in top form, with a renewed purpose that unifies the intense sonic aggression and occoult-inspired lyrics that Dawn Of Ashes has summoned in all of its incarnations.

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