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Front Line Assembly - Echoes

2014-04-22 (News)

Vancouver-based industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly recently announced that their upcoming remix album,Echoes, will be released on limited edition vinyl thru Toronto's Artoffact Records. The remix album follows 2013's successful Echogenetic and will feature tracks from that album remixed by the likes of Youth Code, tweaker, Rhys Fulber, HECQ, and several others. The vinyl version also includes two new original tracks co-written by Ian Pickeringof the Sneaker Pimps.

Nitro/Noise - No Cure For Apocalypse

2014-04-21 (News)

There is no cure for Apocalypse, no reason for redemption – the end is incoming and we should embrace it as a consummation devoutly to be wished. 
Coming from the band that brought us "Total Nihilism" in 2012, the philosophical conceit behind NITRO/NOISE’s stunning second album "No Cure For Apocalypse" should hardly come as a surprise. Neither really should the sheer power and quality of the tracks on offer.

Twiztid - Get Twiztid EP

2014-04-18 (News)

Twiztid has released their "Get Twiztid" EP through their new release partnerINgrooves. The 5 track EP, featuring Chris Webby, Da Mafia 6ix, Kung Fu Vampire, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Whitney Peyton, gives fans a small taste of what is to come for Twiztidin 2014.

Gitane Demone - The reflecting Shadow

2014-04-17 (News)

The awesome californian diva, Gitane Demone had recorded her new album "The reflecting Shadow" in Alone Prod's studio. Produced by Alone Prod and Manic Depression, this wonderful album is now available at

RIOT 87 - Blackout Station Vol. 01

2014-04-16 (News)

April 9, 2014 - Serbia - Electronic-Metal duo RIOT 87 has released "Blackout Station Vol. 01," a collection of fourteen cuts of instrumental mayhem custom built for the worlds of Film, TV, Trailers & Video Games.

RIOT 87 rose to the top of Serbia's EDM scene before they switched on amps, plugged in guitars, and launched themselves into a new realm of hybrid metal. After destroying seven songs by FiXT artists Celldweller & Blue Stahli on last year's remix EP "Dubstep With More Muscle," they have now turned their attention to conquering the world of cinema.

The Stompcrash - Love from Hell

2014-04-15 (News)

Based in Milan, a darkwave project The Stompcrash announced that the new album "Love from Hell" will be released at April 20th.

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