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Nachtmahr - Unbeugsam


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Thomas Rainer kept going. With every new album, every EP, every gig he proved iron will and constancy, prevailed – and forever changed the antics of the Gothic scene with his art, his aesthetics and his apocalyptic sound like few did before him. His artworks, the uniforms, the panache and the linguistics established a fashion of its own, a unique feature by which his troops were instantly recognizable. Now he is looking back at his hitherto campaigns for the very first time. A better name than "Unbeugsam" is hardly imaginable for this first extensive retrospective. Ten years in a 2CD ‘Meilensteine' and ‘Raritäten' – rare and exclusive 34 songs with 133 minutes' total playing time, carefully remastered, two comprehensive photo booklets comprising a total of 48 pages.
Available from 17 February 2017 by Resurrection Records.



01 Mein Name
02 Tanzdiktator
03 Weil ich's kann
04 Mörder
05 Wir schreiben Geschichte
06 Can you feel the Beat?
07 Verräter an Gott
08 Mütterchen Russland
09 Tradition
10 Ich bin
11 Liebst du mich?
12 I hate Berlin
13 Die Fahnen unserer Väter
14 Tanzt für mich
15 Strenge Liebe
16 Kampfbereit
17 Katharsis

01 Feiert das Fleisch (exclusive)
02 Schlag zu! (exclusive)
03 Feuer frei!
04 Deus Ex Machina
05 Boom Boom Boom
06 Ein Spiel
07 EinHundertAcht (remastered)
08 Drei
09 Schwarzflug
10 Unsterblich
11 I believe in Blood
12 Mädchen in Uniform
13 Titanic
14 El Chupacabra
15 Wo ist dein Gott?
16 Geräuschplatten
17 Nenn mich wie du willst
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2017-02-17 / News

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