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Nausea - Beats of Oppression
Chilean band Nausea’s third album named "Beats of Oppression" from Orion Records, brings to our ears all the electronic aggressiveness mixed with lyrics that projects as much virulence as the beats that hit every one of our senses.
With an album influenced by fascism, violence and pornography, Nausea vomits with all forcefulness, wild and with no mercy, subjugating us to the totalitarian oppression, pushing us to burn dance floors.
This new "Beats of Oppression" face us with everything that we want to hide, our vices and sins. A real cadastre of perversions that pretends to bring out our inner dark side that lets us enjoy to the fullest, this side that we hide from other people’s eyes.
"Wicked God", "Skin", the visceral "La Nausea" and all the erotic corrosion of "Bodybitchfucker" will captivate us with a highly addictive electronic-industrial sound, that shows us the dance side of a band that has lived up to its high standards.

Released on Orion Records and available November 11th, 2011.


01. Il Culto Della Violenza
02. Disciples Of Domination
03. Wicked God
04. Worse Than Death
05. Fuck Me Like The Whore I Am
06. Salmos de Muerte
07. Skin
08. La Nausea
09. Beats Of Oppression
10. Bodybitchfucker
11. Wicked God (Remix by Die Braut)
12. Beats Of Opresión (Remix by Psyborg Corp.)
13. Wicked God (Remix by Arian 1)
14. Beats Of Oppression (Remix by Say Just Words)
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2011-11-08 / News

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