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New Arcana Album - Raspail


Arcana has turned another page in the book and the next chapter will be a meeting between the old and the new. As before, we hear the many instruments that vary the music, but this time the vocals parts have taken more room. The medieval sound from Dark age of Reason and Cantar de Procella is there, the majestic sound from...

The Last Embrace appear along with the serene notes from Inner Pale Sun and the oriental instruments from Le Serpent Rouge. Blend this with the new sound once again created by Peter Bjargo, and you will have Raspail, the next chapter in the book of Arcana.

''Raspail'' will be out at 28 february on Kalinkaland records
Author: Gosh_Absi
Translator: Gosh_Absi
Source: / 2008-01-17 / News

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