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New Wave Party (after Po Lebanon Hanover)
New Wave Party (after Po Lebanon Hanover) - Praga, Klub Hydrozagadka
Beginning: Friday 2017-10-13 23:30
End: Saturday 2017-10-14 04:30
Entry fee: free/10 PLN
Www: Watch
Author: carpenterk
Category: Party
Place:Poland, Praga, Klub Hydrozagadka (Ulica 11 Listopada 22)
After po koncercie Lebanon Hanover

I'm living in the Ice age.
Nothing will hold.
Nothing will fit.
Into the cold.


~ cold wave / dark 80s/ post punk/ 80s/ synth-pop/ ebm/ industrial party ~

osoby wybierające się na koncert ▲ Lebanon Hanover & Bleib Modern ▲ Sadness is Rebellion II wchodzą za free. Pozostali 10pln