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Seven Trees - Trauma Toxicity

2017-04-10 (News)

Finally. One of Sweden's finest returns to the scene. Swedish dark electro/industrial duo Seven Trees are back. In the end of the 90's they quickly became one of the shooting stars of the scene with their album "Embracing The Unknown". After that things went quiet, but now they are back. "Trauma Toxicity" is 5 brand new tracks with dark, haunting, atmospheric and wonderful industrial.

Phonothek - Red Moon

2017-04-08 (News)

"Red Moon" is continuing the Phonothek's theme of the inevitable death of our planet.
A sad lonely trumpet echoes between ruined apartment complexes. The ground is dry and dusty, nothing grows here. Where once laughter of children lingered, now only the creak of broken swings remain. The earth is dying.
"Red Moon" explores a world in flames through use of atonal instrumentation and layered atmospherics. It brings the sound of the old world to life.

Written, Produced, Performed: Phonothek.
Contributing Musicians: Viola by Giorgi Cagareli, Trombone by Mamuka Beqauri, Trumpet/Horn/Bariton by George Shamanauri.
Cover Art: George Van De Kamp.
Digipak Artwork: Simon Heath.

Tashaki Miyaki - The Dream

2017-04-07 (News)

On their debut album, Tashaki Miyaki assuredly expand beyond the minimalist sound of their previous self-released EPs. Lush, sweeping arrangements float around the steady groove of the rhythm section and Luke Paquin's other-worldly, atmospheric guitar work. Lyrical themes of existential crisis, contemporary American culture, & romantic love are given an extra ache by Paige Stark's haunting, molasses vocals. "The Dream" creates a world of its own-familiar yet esoteric, evoking a feel both classic and futuristic, firmly establishing Tashaki Miyaki's singular sound and voice.

Merciful Nuns - A-U-M

2017-04-05 (News)

The Merciful Nuns return with their ninth album "A-U-M". It continues to deliver a profound lyrical context against a backdrop of mesmerising soundscapes and carefully orchestrated containment of driven energy. This time the journey takes us into the realms of Eastern philosophy, a tour-de-force in the manner established fans of the band have grown accustomed to and will no doubt find their anticipation suitably serviced with "A-U-M". Vocals, bass and guitars are arranged in perfect harmony and in support of each other; one never gets the impression of listening to three individuals working together but rather a coordinated trinity.

Architect - Deconfiguration

2017-04-03 (News)

With this single Architect a.k.a. Daniel Myer presents the new track ‘Deconfiguration’ - a straightforward technoid idm hybrid that features hard, pounding dance beats and breathtaking melodic breaks. The package also includes an exclusive hard-hitting club mix, a minimalistic chilling remix by Bristol-based techno artist Joe Farr and a hard percussive remix excursion by Canadian electronic music legend Rhys Fulber (Conjure One/Front Line Assembly).

ES23 - Erase My Heart

2017-03-29 (News)

Stylistically based in several genres, ES 23 offer what they are best at on their new LP "Erase My Heart": catchy synth line, basslines seducing to dance and the catchy and aggressive voice of Daniel Pad.
The opener "Start To Dream" invites the listener to relax to its sweet synth melodies and calm character. But the calm shouldn’t last for too long, the follow-up track "Erase My Heart" makes the toes tap. Everything the scene has been missing was put into 11 brandnew tracks and the band is starting to attack the dark clubs worldwide again.

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