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The Tear Garden - Have A Nice Trip

2017-02-20 (News)

Here comes the reissue of the stunning "€œHave A Nice Trip"€ from the psycedelic-industrio-experimental act Tear Garden. The long running project is the meeting of the minds of Skinny Puppy'€™s cEvin Key and Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots. Abstract musicianship meets esoteric poetry in the best ways imaginable, taking the intrepid listener on a mesmerizing voyage of the mind.

Angelo Badalamenti - Evilenko

2017-02-18 (News)

"Evilenko" original motion picture soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti reissued for the first time on limited edition colored vinyl.
Angelo Badalamenti is one of the most brilliant contemporary film music composers. His prolific collaboration with director David Lynch started in 1986 with the movie "Blue Velvet", evolved into an incomparable, artistic, aesthetic and conceptual osmosis.
The album includes two different versions of the evocative "Angels Go To Heaven" theme, with the extraordinary participation of vocalist Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries).

Nachtmahr - Unbeugsam

2017-02-17 (News)

Thomas Rainer kept going. With every new album, every EP, every gig he proved iron will and constancy, prevailed – and forever changed the antics of the Gothic scene with his art, his aesthetics and his apocalyptic sound like few did before him. His artworks, the uniforms, the panache and the linguistics established a fashion of its own, a unique feature by which his troops were instantly recognizable. Now he is looking back at his hitherto campaigns for the very first time. A better name than "Unbeugsam" is hardly imaginable for this first extensive retrospective. Ten years in a 2CD ‘Meilensteine' and ‘Raritäten' – rare and exclusive 34 songs with 133 minutes' total playing time, carefully remastered, two comprehensive photo booklets comprising a total of 48 pages.

Massive Ego - Beautiful Suicide

2017-02-16 (News)

On "Beautiful Suicide", the new LP from Massive Ego, the British cult group dazzles with gripping Electro-Pop-anthems. Mixed by Chris Pohl and Mario Rühlicke, the album contains the Boy George hit "Let Go" and the club smasher "I Idolize You. "Beautiful Suicide" pairs the cool chic of the New-Romantic movement with a darkly emotional ironic twist. The stylishly catchy Electro-Pop-anthems are also tinged with a solid dose of sarcasm, making this one of the most impressive works in recent genre-history. The album is released as a deluxe double disc with an exclusive bonus album containing five more new songs, plus remixes from Blutengel, Ashbury Heights, Chrom, Ludovico Technique, Nature Of Wires, Ash Code and Neroargento.

Cephalgy - Gott Maschine Vaterland

2017-02-15 (News)

On "Gott Maschine Vaterland" Cephalgy are channeling the essence of what makes up their sound to create one of the most explosive genre-albums in recent years. After a hiatus of more than 5 years, Cephalgy return with their long-awaited new long player. From the first notes, it is clear that the time was well invested. On "Gott Maschine Vaterland", Cephalgy effectively play to their strengths, creating a dark, dirty and simmered-down beast... a relentless machine of beats, bass and excursions into the dark sides of human emotions. Cephalgy manage to rejuvenate their roots and to penetrate your soul with a collection of strong tunes.

Blutengel - Leitbild

2017-02-14 (News)

The new album "Leitbild" is everything that makes Blutengel special in a nutshell: dark club-sounds, atmosphere galore, raw power, depth and anthems for emotional warriors, unfiltered and more multi-layered than ever before. Now, Blutengel have completed work on the eagerly awaited follow up to their "Save Us". The title "Leitbild" couldn't be more fitting, as the album is evolution, revolution, a testament to the group's maturation, a maelstrom of emotions and the most direct, honest and gripping experience they have ever treated us with. "Leitbild" is the essence of Blutengel, condensed into an album!

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