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Daniel B. Prothèse - AIIHB0A0

2017-01-24 (News)

"The project started as noise for personal pleasure", Daniel B. says. This release is a collection of tracks shaped and mixed between approximately 1995 and 2010. "The recording process was one of voluntary limits, no use of midi, only analogue (some really old) sound generating equipment and sequencer, no more than 8 recorded tracks… and a few digitally mistreated drum sounds were also used, that’s all!" Daniel B. explains.
Vintage sound is generated by studio equipment and a part of Daniel B.’s personal collection: formant modular, system 101-102, system 100M, roland se 505, boss rvb 100, moog voyager anniversary #614, electro harmonix sequencer drum, yamaha 40m  #Z699, mfb synth II, Sherman filter model 1 # 909, arp odyssey…

Psychic Force - Welcome To ScarCity

2017-01-23 (News)

With their new full length album "Welcome To ScarCity" the The Psychic Force gang unites their old school EBM roots with their personal music spectrum evolution throughout the years, towards more modern and melodic forms of electronics.
A flight forward journey at full speed rolled-out in some 13 songs bringing us to dark oppressive cinematic industrial territories full of sample manipulations like the opening "Welcome To ScarCity", the lingering "Die In The Clinic", the upbeat "Painful Revelation" or the noir "BeDevil".
In short: "ScarCity" offers you a challenging mixture of icy EBM, harsh elektro and catchy synth melodies marking a solid return on the forefront of the dark EBM scene for The Psychic Force nicely rendered by the apocalyptic noir design of n0emi Aurora of Toxic Visions.

LPF12 - Missiles

2017-01-22 (News)

Sascha Lemon: '"Missiles" is rough, dissonant at times. It's melodic, sad and tragic (...).
I played with various influences like IDM, Ambient and film scoring. I used african percussion, acoustic guitar, strings and the beloved piano. But the carrier of it all is always the electronics.
"Missiles" is a deep and disturbing trip into my heart and soul - perhaps deeper than ever before. The music may be uncomfortable sometimes, and it is definitely edgy and unexpectable.
"Missiles" is me.

Askew -Volume One

2017-01-21 (News)

"Volume One" is the full length release from experimental noise collective Askew. Produced by Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, kETvECTOR, Bahntier) and Jeff "Squigg" Smith (Ohgr), Askew‘s sound is a direct reflection of Studio 23 Bologna where artists from both within and outside the label come together to participate in one-of-a-kind extended improvisations and experiments in sounds creation using rare and unusual noise making instruments, synths, and much more. Along for the ride with Bennett and Smith on "Volume One" are Filippo Corradin (Bahntier, Creature From The Black), Dre "Databomb" Robinson (Thee Databomb), and Joe Virus (Robot Seppuku Crisis, AntiVaxxer).

Available for free download via Bandcamp.

Frame Of Mind - Murderous Thoughts

2017-01-12 (News)

Founded in 1988 Frame of Mind also known as Michael Friedrich (Music, Synths, Programming) and Marko Hein (Text & Voice) started to produce dark electro wave inspired by their heroes Skinny Puppy. As part of the "first wave" of new bands of that genre the band recorded two songs: "Love is…" and "...Is love", for the first part of the famous "Body Rapture" compilation which was released in 1990 by Talla 2XLC. After getting noticed by the scene and various live shows they started to record their first full length album.
As a coincidence Marko met Torben Schmidt in 2015 and the idea for another classics CD was born. As part of the classics series now is released this true treasure under the name "Murderous Thoughts", again digitally remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-X.
Almost 30 years after being created the album will finally see the light of day! Strictly limited and will not be repressed.

Llumen - The Memory Institute

2017-01-11 (News)

"The Memory Institute", the much anticipated debut full length album of Belgian audio-visual artist Pieter Coussement, offers a diverse palette of sounds blending old school EBM elements with more contemporary modern electronics. It portrays a wide variety of styles, all bound by Llumen’s love for complex layered arrangements, pulsing bass and steady beats.
Llumen delivers a much varied album that encompasses many of the current trends in dark electronic music, mixing solid EBM roots, emotional melodic Wave and modern electronic trends.

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