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Architect - Deconfiguration

2017-04-03 (News)

With this single Architect a.k.a. Daniel Myer presents the new track ‘Deconfiguration’ - a straightforward technoid idm hybrid that features hard, pounding dance beats and breathtaking melodic breaks. The package also includes an exclusive hard-hitting club mix, a minimalistic chilling remix by Bristol-based techno artist Joe Farr and a hard percussive remix excursion by Canadian electronic music legend Rhys Fulber (Conjure One/Front Line Assembly).

ES23 - Erase My Heart

2017-03-29 (News)

Stylistically based in several genres, ES 23 offer what they are best at on their new LP "Erase My Heart": catchy synth line, basslines seducing to dance and the catchy and aggressive voice of Daniel Pad.
The opener "Start To Dream" invites the listener to relax to its sweet synth melodies and calm character. But the calm shouldn’t last for too long, the follow-up track "Erase My Heart" makes the toes tap. Everything the scene has been missing was put into 11 brandnew tracks and the band is starting to attack the dark clubs worldwide again.

Clan of Xymox - Days of Black

2017-03-28 (News)

Dark days call for dark music. An opus like "Days of Black" after 33 years in business, unites monotonous rigour with floating lightness, marries juvenile "Sturm und Drang" with the expertise of the experienced artist. Thus, before the opening track with its vigorous drums, its shimmering Post Punk guitars and its menacing synth foundation is over.
Clan Of Xymox prove to be a balanced, matured and aesthetically perfect unit that never halted and that today is able to connect three decades of music history in the most atmospheric, gripping and arousing way possible. Each and every song possesses a momentum instantly hypnotising everything within reach, translating the unbeaten aura of the eighties into our black times.

Northumbria - Markland

2017-03-27 (News)

"Markland" is the second album in Northumbria’s trilogy inspired by the Norse discovery of Canada.
As you set foot in Markland, the salty mist of the ocean gives way, swirling around your heavy boots as they crunch on the rocks. Unexplored land left untouched. The wind screams around the mountaintops and something echoes in the distance.
Using only guitar and bass, and recording their improvised compositions live, Jim Field and Dorian Williamson create a deep textured sound world. Evoking the ancient wonder that the Norse explorers must have felt discovering Markland.

Night Laser - Laserhead

2017-03-25 (News)

On "Laserhead", Night Laser revive the spirit of a golden Metal-era in such a refreshing manner, that the listener is catapulted straight back to the Eighties.
Hard guitar riffs, wild outfits, glam and a red-hot stage show. Here, rock'n'roll is synonymous with pure lust for life and anthemic choruses meet precision high-speed-guitar. From the essence of Hair-Metal-icons like Mötley Crüe, Cinderella, Ratt or Poison and the drive of Power-Metal-acts such as Helloween, Night Laser have distilled a fresh and energetic sound that is both familiar and new. It is therefore little wonder that Metal-legend Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray) volunteered to spice up the title song "Laserhead" with his trademark vocals and that none other than Jens Reinhold (of Running Wild, Freedom Call or Sodom-fame) hand painted the stylistically perfect cover artwork.

Freakangel - How the Ghost Became

2017-03-24 (News)

Freakangel release their new album "How the Ghost Became" – finally taking what has now become a full four-piece band firmly into industrial metal territory.
Dmitry's singing, now freed from distortion, has never sounded so powerful and no album has ever come this close to capturing the full ferocity of live performance. Songs like "Make Me Disappear" have probably more in common with industrial than anything remotely considered "electronic" – while those hoping for the more four-to-the-floor groove of the band's early releases will find that fused with this super-heavy new sound in songs like the album opener "Witness the Fall" or the club-friendly "Giving up the Ghost".
Setting a formidable new standard in industrial metal, "How the Ghost Became" is an album that even Freakangel themselves may find hard to follow!

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