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Aegri Somnia - Endtime Psalms

2017-03-07 (News)

Aegri Somnia returns with long awaited "Endtime Psalms" album.
The hum of the "Endtime Psalms" echo through burnt out buildings. Awaiting impending death as the sky grows dark. Black smoke wheezing from charred windows. We we're born from stardust, but are but puppets in a mindless game of DNA manipulation, life.
Deep analogue drones rumble under the heavy boots of the human machine. Aegri Somnia plays the role of field recorder and audio manipulator with surgical precision.

Written, Produced, Performed - Jurica Santek; Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Scout Paré-Phillips - Door Left Open

2017-03-06 (News)

Scout took to pen and paper, composing a song cycle that beautifully and painstakingly reflects her despair. The album explores intimate themes that give infinite weight to her songs – anchoring them here on earth while the subject of love lost and found reverberates like soundwaves floating up and out in the atmosphere. Scout seems to reopen her wounds then stitch herself back up again, using the only tools she has – powerful operatic vocals underscored by walls of haunting, ambient tones.

SIJ - The Time Machine

2017-03-05 (News)

SiJ explores Time Travel on the album "The Time Machine".
The Time Machine propels us forwards and backwards in time. From ancient civilization, where the chatter reverberates in clouded temples. To our impending doom in a future stripped of humanity. A grinding squeal as the paradox cracks reality. At our feet blue skies reflected in a desert of broken mirrors.
Warm soothing field recordings mix with bright overlays and distant instruments.

Written, Produced, Performed -Vladislav Sikach; Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Kifoth - Extensive Report

2017-03-04 (News)

The new album ‘Extensive Report' from Kifoth will definitely electrify you! The duo consisting of mir Colon and K-head returns after seven years onto the EBM/Industrial scene, proposing a tracklist overflowing of energy and technically perfect formulations. "Extensive Report" represents an important milestone in the discography of this project. The full-lenght is a lush complex of rhythmic and danceable mechanisms, all synchronized with flows of artificial sounds, cold trails of synths and aggressive vocals, completed by intelligent lyrics with profound significances.

Ikon - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends

2017-02-24 (News)

After years of being unavailable, here comes a special European version of the so far latest Ikon album. The album features the singles ‘Blood of Love', ‘Stolen', ‘I burn for you' and ‘Black noise'. This new edition comes with 12 ‘main' Album-tracks plus 4 Bonustracks: 'The Hunter' (7"-Version), 'Predator' (MKI), 'Stolen' (Outtake), 'Mistaken'. Influenced by bands like Joy Division and New Order, Ikon released their first 7" in 1992 and now, after many albums and tours, they are going to celebrate their 25 anniversary with selected gigs in 2017.

V2A - Heretic

2017-02-23 (News)

With a steely riff, hypnotic beats and distorted vocals that barely betray earthly origins, V2A open the eternal gates to the underworld, and with their new album ‘Heretic’, ring in the soundtrack to the planet’s downfall. Morbidly threatening visions of abnormal worlds appear before your inner eye as the project ruminates on Valhalla and gradually sets you into a trance. The apocalyptic sound constructions, produced by Kevin Stewart (alias 304) and Ines Lehmann (alias 306), oscillate between EBM and industrial, enriched by dystopian technoid sounds.

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