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Inertia - Only Law

2017-08-02 (News)

Inertia releases first single entitled "Only Law" from the forthcoming, new album "Dream Machine". The single includes 8 tracks - the title song and 7 remixes. A good foretaste for a new release that we can expect in October.

God Module - Does This Stuff Freak You Out?

2017-08-01 (News)

God Module presents "Does This Stuff Freak You Out?" their first ever 2CD retrospective in the band's 18 years history! Rather than the usual best-of release, this career spanning set is a mix of God Module's most popular songs plus some rare tracks, alternate versions, remixes and an exclusive cover.

ProtoU & Hilyard - Alpine Respire

2017-07-24 (News)

ProtoU and Hilyard group up in this field recording heavy collaboration.
"Alpine Respire" immerses you in field recordings from two continents. Warm drone contrasts raindrops and the call of animals in the wild. This damp album invites you to explore the unreachable corners of the Earth. From the harshest mountains to the darkest forests.

Written, Produced, Performed - Sasha Cats & Bryan Hilyard;
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Hocico - The Spell Of The Spider

2017-07-21 (News)

Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, aka Hocico play a major role in shaping an entire hard electro genre. The duo managed to become a game changer for the dark side of electronic music with a new blend of hard beats, unbridled anger, aggressive shouts and creative sonic wizardry.
"The Spell Of The Spider" brings together highlights, hits, favorites and rarities from more than 2 decades, compiled and carefully remastered by the band. It is a celebration of this seminal group and an ideal starting point for newcomers, a fulfilling sonic journey for fans and collectors.

Suicide Commando - Forest Of The Impaled

2017-07-19 (News)

Belgian Hard-Electro-pioneers Suicide Commando return with their darkest and most intense effort to date. "Forest Of The Impaled" will be released as a regular album CD, deluxe double disc, 2LP+CD and as a limited 4CD-fan-set.
On his new album, Suicide-Commando-mastermind Johan van Roy takes us to the darkest part of the human psyche and allows us to partake in the struggle with the demons that have been plagueing him all his life. Suicide Commando go for maximum intensity on "Forest Of The Impaled", creating a dark beast of an album that aims directly for the gut.
A juggernaut of beats, bass, sinister soundscapes and raging shouts, the album whole-heartedly embraces the band's past, yet adds multi-faceted layers and a sense of urgency and maturity that elevates it far beyond genre standards. Hard, relentless and often very personal, Suicide Commando keep the Hard-Electro-genre alive.

Various Artists - Amphi Festival 2017

2017-07-18 (News)

Out Of Line Music is presenting the official CD release for Amphi Festival 2017. This year's festival yet again features a classy array of popular Gothic- and Electro-scene-related acts and the "Amphi Festival 2017"- compilation features a versatile selection of the best performing bands that includes everything from big names, via cult acts, to promising new faces.
With Eisbrecher, Combichrist, Hocico, Apoptygma Berzerk, Letzte Instanz, Die Krupps, Stahlmann, Rummelsnuff, CHROM, Kirlian Camera, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Massive Ego and many more, all featured with current hits or classic tunes, the compilation features an excellent overview of this year's line-up.

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