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Centhron - Allvater

2017-03-21 (News)

In the current album "Allvater" Centhron hails the old gods with an harsh electronic firework!
Provocatively, erotic, aggressive, dark, melodic, catchy, atmospheric and with a new Keyboardplayer and female voice Sandra Schmidt.
The may be most complete Centhron Album since 2001 is there. There will be two videoclips of the new album. The songs "Allvater" and "Deutsches Land" getting a furious optic view!
For the song "De Sade" they could own the voice of Melanie Neuhöfer, with her classic timbre she gives a beautiful atmosphere to the music!

Aeverium - Time

2017-03-20 (News)

On the second album "Time", Modern-Metal group Aeverium finds the perfect balance between anthemic symphonic sounds and contemporary harshness.
The second album "Time" is elevating the unique fusion of styles to the next level. The hard parts were turned up a notch, the transition into the symphonic parts is executed even more smoothly and the explosive fusion of emotion, aggression and cinematic pomp is all the more intense. Furthermore, the hard riffs in tracks like "Hunted" or "What About Me" are grounded on a pulsating electronic foundation that reminds of the early days of bands like Linkin Park or Disturbed.

Ketvector - Fig. 23

2017-03-20 (News)

Ketvector, created by Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy / Askew) and Stefano Rossello (Bahntier / Detune-X), is back with the long awaited follow-up to it’s 2008 debut "The Infinite Regress". The new album "Fig. 23" is a conceptual voyage through jazzy electro noir, trip-hop inspired psychedelia, and experimental noise sculptures. Unlike the first release, this new offering features vocal and musical collaborations with an illustrious list of friends and fellow artists such as Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Ryan Wildstar and Doriandra Smith of EXP, and many more. A dreamlike journey evoking surreal cinematic atmospheres able to shock, hypnotize and relax.

Voyou - Houseman

2017-03-17 (News)

With their project Voyou Andy Düx & Udo Niebergall conquered the dance and mainstream charts around the globe. The CD contains 13 massive clubbiness by the well known producer team.
Besides the classic tune "Houseman", digital remastered by Guido Fricke (Audion-X) the release also features the second single "Radio Bostich", the club hit "The Ten Commandments" as well as the 90s version of "Houseman".
The physical release is limited and as a special bonus the CD also features two brand new remixes by DJ Dominatrix!

Ost+Front - Fiesta de Sexo

2017-03-16 (News)

Ost+Front are back and they are cordially inviting you to "Fiesta de Sexo!" The CD single in a strictly limited Digipak contains the title song, plus exclusive remixes, demos and cover versions.
Teaming up with Hard-Electro/Electro-Punk-legend Erk Aicrag (Hocico/Rabia Sorda), they are inviting you to a steaming "Fiesta de Sexo".
The limited MCD contains the title track as the album version, as a previously unreleased demo and as three exclusive remixes by Rabia Sorda, Larva and Among The Living who each provide their very own touch to the song.
As a second highlight, the lads have turned Miley Cyrus' hit "Wrecking Ball" into a massive Metal-tune with the powerful vocal assistance of Blutengel's Ulrike Goldmann.
Furthermore, British Electro-Pop-group Massive Ego has turned the song "Nein" into a full-blown club track while the band Krankheit have recorded a highly aggressive cover version of the classic "Liebeslied."

Erdling - Supernova

2017-03-15 (News)

Erdling are unstoppable. A mere year after the release of the successful debut album the hard-working quartet fronted by singer Neill Devin is delivering the explosive successor, aptly titled "Supernova."
"Supernova" is a harder, darker, more menacing and a great deal more mature version of Erdling: a hit-monster comprised of anthemic melodies, yet in a constant wrestling match with laconic German-language lyrics, a juggernaut of precise guitar riffing and a thudding machine of rhythm and electronics.
The album will also be released as a deluxe double CD-version containing an exclusive bonus disc with remixes, alternative versions and re-interpretations of the new songs by the likes of Marc Görtz from Caliban, To The Rats And Wolves, Heldmaschine, Andy Brings (ex-Sodom, Double Crush Syndrome) and Calibre Infinite.

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