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Enmarta - The Hermit

2016-11-26 (News)

Enmarta returns with "The Hermit" album. He tackles the dark ambient genre with a great deal of string works. Thick fog rolls in over majestic mountains as "The Hermit" reads his dusty books. The cold wind knocking on the rusted gate, begging the soaring tower for attention. A lingering smell of burnt oil from agitated torches left standing til dawns first light. Layering drone, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, Enmarta has created something unique. Invoking an ancient era where time is stagnant and where secret wisdom stays locked away from the masses prying eyes.

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wikka Woman

2016-11-25 (News)

"Wikka Woman" weaves a web between darkness and light, through the hidden world that spans the sea of space and time. The primeval forces of nature, the apocalyptic horror of the Black Death, all the mystery of the Pagan world, ancient, medieval and modern, and finally the inevitable meeting with the Angel of Death, "Wikka Woman" is all of this, and more. Inkubus Sukkubus with their 21st studio release, go from strength to strength.

Einsturzende Neubauten - Greatest Hits

2016-11-24 (News)

"We are pleased to announce Einstürzende Neubauten´s first compilation release called "Greatest Hits" end of the year. The Album will reflect a section through 35 years of band work and includes your - and our - favourite tracks. Some of them have been given a new mix…" Einstürzende Neubauten.
A concept of "conceptlessness" was created at that time from a spontaneous idea, from which the "brilliant dilettantes" developed their own strategy against social and musical architecture using metal pipes, feathers and machines. And after 35 years of career, it is about time for a first ever ‘Greatest Hits' release.

In Strict Confidence - The Hardest Heart Box

2016-11-23 (News)

"The Hardest Heart Box" includes the 12 new tracks are more heterogeneous than ever and allow the listener to dive into a mix of emotions. They are electronically aggressive, deeply melancholic and boldly danceable. They are supported by profound texts put forward by Dennis Ostermann, the vocally poignant frontman who is in the best shape ever, while two tracks are graciously delivered by his female counterpart, Nina de Lianin.

Dead When I Found Her - Harms Way

2016-11-22 (News)

This re-issue comes in a beautiful digipak with updated artwork and includes 2 bonus tracks and makes an excellent album even more excellent. ‘Harms Way' forged the sound of Dead When I Found Her out of his influences from Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Doubting Thomas and the rest of the best of 90's industrial and electronic music, honed by some of the best production the new industrial music genre has to offer.

Sabled Sun - 2148

2016-11-21 (News)

The fourth album from the Sabled Suns 21xx series, about a man in Hibernation waking up to a world in ruins, takes us through the fourth year 2148. The album starts with our Protagonist finding The Ark. It takes us through robot filled chasms, overgrown laboratories, uplink stations and deteriorated civilization. Field Recordings combine with distant Piano and dusty Strings. Cavernous Drone with throbbing bass.

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