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Paleowolf - Genesis

2016-12-21 (News)

Paleowolf is the side project of Scorpio V of Metatron Omega.
A prehistoric journey from before civilization made it's mark on the world. Archaic drums echo through the riparian forests. Thick smoke from bonfires snake their way over charred and painted skulls, the spoils of war from opposing tribes. Distant sounds of the forest paints the canvas of a world untouched by modern man. The paleolithic shamans chant powerful over the tribal drums as ancient man rises from prey to predator. The night is young and the feral hunt is about to begin.

Tenek - Imitation of Life

2016-12-20 (News)

'Imitation of Life' - brings us a bigger sounding remastered track, along with two brilliant remixes: an 80's analogue remix (Nik Hodges) and a darker rock edge remix (Ghostlights/aka Sam Morrison). And then to add something completely different and unexpected to this release - an exceptional piano rendition of "A New Foundation" (Matt Jessup).
'What Kind of Friend?' - comes with two outstanding alternate versions: a hard hitting powerhouse mix with an almost thematic feel from the well known UK composer/producer/mixer (Andy Gray/aka Grayedout), and a second with a most unexpected darker sound for the band (remixed by Martin Swan/Vile Electrodes).
An added bonus is the inclusion of a re-mastered track, "Sombre Friday" that originally debuted on Tenek's first album "Stateless".

Marc Heal - The Hum

2016-12-19 (News)

Debut album from alternative legend Marc Heal, frontman of Cubanate, C-Tec, Pigface and Ashtrayhead. The album features ten brand new tracks recorded in Singapore and in many cases inspired by life in the chaotic megacities of the east.
"Well, it was quite a mysterious process to me. I hadn't been inspired to write music in such a long time. For years I did nothing. Suddenly I couldn't stop. I wrote 16 songs in 5 weeks," says Marc.
Although still using hard electronics and rooted in industrial music, the sound of the album is quite different from the works of Cubanate.

Underviewer - Wonders & Monsters

2016-12-16 (News)

Underviewer recently recovered a dozen of tracks from their early 4-track tape recordings or even recreated some of them by meticulously reusing the same vintage machines, only slightly adapting them where needed. These songs have now been gathered together to astonishingly form the debut album of a band that has been existing for over 38 years!
"Wonders & Monsters" brilliantly renders the force and the timeless and melodic duality of a music which fits everywhere and any time, and never had the pretention to belong to any form of avant-garde…14 songs hanging between fire and ice, carried by the distinctive and matchless voice of Jean-Luc De Meyer, and fuelled by Patrick Codenys’ sharp and modern production style.

Various Artists - Recovery For You (An Alfa Matrix Tribute To Front 242)

2016-12-15 (News)

Front 242 have always had a vision of the future. With the most upmost respect, the Alfa Matrix label family decided to close this 35 birthday year in beauty by paying homage to this living legend. 32 label bands each covering one song from Front 242’s impressive music repertoire, an influential work of pioneering electronic mastery on which creativity has steadily and genuinely been abound. Picking songs from the full discography of the band, from "Geography" to "Pulse", they only attested ear-challenging work of the band, which is constantly offering to us an inspiring look to the future of electronic music.

Escalator - 4 in 2

2016-12-14 (News)

"Antologia" is, until now, the last chapter of Escalator, an involving, incomparable saga much more significant if we consider the period and the place where it started and the difficulties of communication connected with the socialist regime. The fact of partial cultural isolation makes Escalator’s ideas and work even much more remarkable and original.
Due to that Escalator's first live act outside Hungarian borders dates back to 2008 at Dessau Beat Club, where they shared the stage with Armageddon Dildos.
Escalator is not only a "cult band", but also one of the most important band in EBM history, a band able to develop a personal journey in a very notable and independent way.

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