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Noisuf-X - Banzai

2017-05-26 (News)

On his newest opus, Noisuf-X presents 13 catchy earworms in extreme Electro/Industrial sound and prooves once more his outstanding position in the scene! For years, Noisuf-X has achieved a top position in the industrial scene without betraying his noisy roots! "Banzai" will be released as limited first edition Digipak with a very special bonus-track: The 2006 Clubhit ‘Jezebel' in an all new 2017 mix! The new album will be presented live for the first time at this years Wave Gotik Treffen.

Lionhearts - Lionhearts

2017-05-25 (News)

While Seabound vocalist Spinath rather used to lend only his vocal talent for his other projects Seabound, Ghost & Writer, Edge of Dawn, where the music was provided by his individual counterparts, Lionhearts is Spinath writing his own songs completely. The self-titled debut album is produced by Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq), who also conceived two stunning remixes for Spinath's previous projects. "Lionhearts" is being released as a double CD configuration with identical song material, one CD as a "continuous Mix", the other as a regular disc with separate tracks.

Bloody Dead and Sexy - Crucifixion Please

2017-05-24 (News)

Bloody Dead and Sexy, heroes of modern deathrock, are back! On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, this compilation contains some of their best songs plus unreleased material. The album will also be presented live at the Wave Gotik Treffen, where Bloody Dead and Sexy will perform in the original line-up of their first album. For the first time in 14 years classic tunes like "Bloody Rose" and "Hey Ho Armageddon!" will be played by guitar player d'hAmm.

Daily Planet - Play Rewind Repeat

2017-05-23 (News)

Johan Baeckström and Jarmo Ollila aka. Daily Planet is back with their third album. The band first appeared in the mid 1990's with the single "Milky Way", followed by the highly acclaimed album "The Tide". In 2014 the band finally made a long awaited comeback with the album "Two". Swedish electronic pop music at its best - beautiful melodies delivered through Jarmo Ollila's extraordinary vocals and Johan Baeckström's attention to details in every aspect of the production. Joining the band on guest vocals on one of the tracks is no one less than Mr Mac Austin, lead singer of the UK band White Door.
The first 200 copies will be released as limited edition signed/hand numbered 2CD version holding 8 additional tracks.

Metroland - 12x12

2017-05-21 (News)

Today, Metroland invites everyone to enjoy their fascinating ride again, spanning over a period of 5 years, with the release of a conceptual 4CD compilation box entitled "12x12", containing over 250 minutes of rare and previously unreleased songs, mixes or versions.
The "12x12"-box mainly contains tracks that were never released on physical format before, next to a plethora of unreleased tracks. All 12 releases, including their newest single "Cube", are presented by conceptual artwork. A card per release contains photographs and the story behind each single song.

Alien Vampires - Evil Lasts Forever

2017-05-20 (News)

Celebrating the band’s longevity and impressive repertoire and history with the release of a deluxe 6-CD box that is not only making their full back-catalogue available again in remastered versions, but also adding a bunch of previously unreleased material on CD plus massive exclusive new remixes, alternative versions and special rare songs! "Evil Lasts Forever" is a massive 450 min plus sonic orgy underlining that forceful and uncompromising attitude that makes the Alien Vampires gang so unique!
Straight, provocative, true, dirty, revolting, shocking - this are words that describe the unique style of this harsh dark elektro industrial metal outfit.

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