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ProtoU - Khmaoch

2016-10-15 (News)

Sasha returns with "Khmaoch" album, crafted in the Kiev high rise and the Black Room Studio.
Exploring eastern esoteric traditions this will take you on a voyage through old civilization. The crackling sound of incense fills ancient ruins. A solitary flute by Ivan Ioanov leads you through dim lit passageways underneath. Deep drone summons forgotten spirits as lush noise of mother earth calms the soul. The contrast of dark and light on this album serves an enlightening experience.

Near Earth Orbit - Mission EDEN

2016-10-12 (News)

The final chapter of the "End Of All Existence" trilogy, that is a window into the future! Near Earth Orbit is a project by Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Merciful Nuns) and Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow, The Devil & The Universe). Brilliant, visionary, bodacious – attributes that describe the Dayour & Seth project rather well.
The film's inherent visual prowess and power alone and especially in conjunction with the amazing score of Near Earth Orbit is truly formidable, awesome and certain to blow the listener's mind and senses. With their soundtrack and in their unique inconceivable way, the two architects of sound Artaud Seth and Ashley Dayour manage to unreel an imaginary movie in the listener's mind. This film does not require a movie theatre. It requires your intellect. Near Earth Orbit delivers a complex blockbuster masterpiece with a perfect mixture of post-apocalypse, paranoia and fiction.

Garden of Delight - Adoration Live

2016-10-11 (News)

Garden of Delight's "Adoration Live" is an ‘official Bootleg' album of the 25th anniversary of the band. It contains the gig of this legendary project, that took place on 30 July 2016 in Poland. Full concert is in best audio quality, and was recorded at Bolków during Castle Party 2016 and it is featuring a special Anniversary Setlist, never played live anywhere else!

[:SITD:] - Brother Death

2016-10-10 (News)

Good news from the [:SITD:] Headquarter: the band is currently working intensively on new material.
Already in October 2016, a brand-new EP will give a substantial foretaste of the upcoming long-player, which is planned to be released via Scanner / Dark Dimensions in the spring of 2017.
The EP will be called "Brother Death". Furthermore it is exclusively available as "20th Anniversary Limited Edition EP"-CD in a beautiful digipak.
The EP contains 10 previously unreleased tracks, including the new club smashers "Brother Death", "Mundlos" and "Incendium", the atmospheric instrumentals "Porcelain" and "Burial", plus massive remixes by Solar Fake, Solitary Experiments, Klangstabil, Autodafeh and ES23.
Almost 50 minutes of harsh electronic music! 

Binary Park - Nothing

2016-10-08 (News)

After two album releases and one EP the band Binary Park returns with their new single "Nothing". The 5 song MCD comes with five songs. "Nothing" is a quite unexpected almost "pop" orientated song as complex and electronic as their previous releases. The outstanding voice of singer Huw Jones is again a driving force in the song structure of Binary Park. Their mixture of pop, industrial and electronic is hard to compare and leaves a unique blend best described as Binary Park music. The physical release (CD) is limited to only 300 unites worldwide.

Leæther Strip - Spaectator

2016-10-07 (News)

Leæther Strip is back! Three years of work have gone into the new album which marks the return of one of the most influential artists on the international electronic music scene.
"Spæctator" is the album we have been long waiting for from Claus Larsen, featuring a mixture of old-school EBM, harsh rhythms and beautiful electronic ballads destined for dancefloors around the world. According to Larsen the album represents a piece of his life, recalling low points and and high points, suffering and joy. It’s all here: the anger, the romance, the restlessness… accompanied by lush electronic arrangements and powerful four-on-the-floor-beats. Surely to be considered not only one of the best releases of 2016, but also one of the top Leæther Strip albums to date.

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