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Beauty of Gemina - Minor Sun–Live in Zürich

2017-03-13 (News)

After successful shows on an extended European Tour, time had come for mastermind, singer and songwriter Michael Sele and his band to present their latest album "Minor Sun" in their home city Zürich. The spectacular concert at the legendary X-TRA Limmathaus Club on the 19th of November 2016 should become one of the biggest highlights in the career of the band. This sumptuous Digipak edition features tons of exclusive and intimate pictures in a 40page booklet.


2017-03-10 (News)

Johan Hellqvist and Erik Frankel aka. DNR & DO is finally ready to release their first debut EP after two singles (Huvuden Skall Rulla and Vädergud).
DNR & DO plays catchy electronic pop with a strong production and lyrics that will make you think both two and three times. It will appeal to both fans of acts such as Kite and Vanligt Folk and to people that like more indie based pop.

NamNamBulu - Borders

2017-03-09 (News)

14 years have passed since the spectacular debut album "Distances" by NamNamBulu took the international electropop scene by storm. But the band suddenly stopped due to the split of their members back in 2006. But their catchy clubhits such as "Memories", "Now or Never", "Beaten" or "Alone" never really disappeared.
Then, almost out of nowhere the band did re-unite in 2014 with their first new single release entitled "Sorry" within 2014.
Now, 2017, they return with a massive second album under the flag of "Borders".
10 new songs with almost 60 minutes of running time bringing you charismatic and catchy new tunes by songwriter Vasi Vallis and singer Henrik Iversen.

Staubkind - An jedem einzelnen Tag

2017-03-08 (News)

On "An jedem einzelnen Tag" Louis Manke once again is setting out emotional moments carried by catchy harmonies. Driven by hope and the undying will to look forward, the new songs are directly reaching out to the listener with an air of lightness and confidence in clearly formulated lyrics and sounds. Veteran producers Henning Verlage (Unheilig) and Ingo Politz (Silly, Silbermond, Joris) have provided Louis Manke's ideas with a modern sound that doesn't shy away from grandeur.

Aegri Somnia - Endtime Psalms

2017-03-07 (News)

Aegri Somnia returns with long awaited "Endtime Psalms" album.
The hum of the "Endtime Psalms" echo through burnt out buildings. Awaiting impending death as the sky grows dark. Black smoke wheezing from charred windows. We we're born from stardust, but are but puppets in a mindless game of DNA manipulation, life.
Deep analogue drones rumble under the heavy boots of the human machine. Aegri Somnia plays the role of field recorder and audio manipulator with surgical precision.

Written, Produced, Performed - Jurica Santek; Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Scout Paré-Phillips - Door Left Open

2017-03-06 (News)

Scout took to pen and paper, composing a song cycle that beautifully and painstakingly reflects her despair. The album explores intimate themes that give infinite weight to her songs – anchoring them here on earth while the subject of love lost and found reverberates like soundwaves floating up and out in the atmosphere. Scout seems to reopen her wounds then stitch herself back up again, using the only tools she has – powerful operatic vocals underscored by walls of haunting, ambient tones.

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