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Mesh - Runway

2017-04-20 (News)

"Runway" is the second single from the latest Mesh's album. In contrast to its more rocking predecessor "Kill Your Darlings," "Runway" is a pure club track with a killer hook line and a killer bass line bound to make waves on the dancefloors of the world. With "Too little too late" and the cover version of Yazoo's classic "Tuesday", you'll get two excellent B-sides as well.

The Vacant Lots - Endless Night

2017-04-20 (News)

The Vacant Lots new album "Endless Night" channels the pairs dual power through their minimal means maximum effect aesthetic. Endless Night is a bridge of two worlds with one foot firmly placed in hard-hitting rock and roll, and the other in the realm of electronic dance.
Casting light from this noir-esque world, "Endless Night" offers a fresh take on familiar experiences while exploring love, death, and life. Poetic, but with a streetwise swagger, The Vacant Lots™ dark electro psych approach captures recurring notions of duality through a dizzying and hypnotic blast of guitar riffs and revved-up electronics on tracks like "Night Nurse" and "œElevation".
Through a detached yet accessibly channeled dark-pop vision, and electrifying primitive punk spirit, The Vacant Lots cut through the dark - an experience they genuinely understand after working with their hero, friend and punk ally, Suicide's Alan Vega.

KMFDM - Symbols (Limited Edition)

2017-04-19 (News)

Vinyl remaster of KMFDM's classic 1997 album "Symbols". Filled with an astounding lineup of contributors.
KMFDM leader and founder Sascha K. plays ringmaster of a musical circus that features Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Tim Skold (Shotgun Messiah), Raymond Watts (Pig), Bill Rieflin (Ministry), Michel Bassin (Treponem Pal), Nina Hagen and Abby Travis. Contains the hit singles "Megalomaniac" and "Anarchy"€. Limited to 500 copies.

Numb - Wasted Sky

2017-04-18 (News)

This limited vinyl of the classic Numb album "Wasted Sky" is a masterful blend of guitars & electronics. Originally released in the mid 90's, this album still stands as a benchmark for industrial music. Dissonant, laden with hooks, driving & teeming with seething aggression, this varied, beloved release helped spawn a generation of industrial acts. Limited to 500 copies.

Dive - Underneath

2017-04-18 (News)

Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens unleashes the eagerly awaited new album of his cult project Dive. "Underneath" is another masterpiece of dark minimalist Electro-art.
After a hiatus of more than a decade, Dirk Ivens' project Dive finally returns with a new sign of life. For the new album "Underneath", he has again teamed up with Ivan Iusco and Rafael M. Espinosa. The result is a maelstrom of minimalist Electronica that ranges from fascinating to unsettling: Stripped-bare rhythms, dark, machine-like sequencers, psychotic synth-sounds that are expertly intertwined with cleverly placed noise-attacks and the distinctive, feverishly manic and ghostly raw voice of Dirk Ivens towering above it all.
Some tracks, like the groovy "Far Away" or the hammering "Something" have turned out surprisingly catchy, but as a whole "Underneath" is a menacing behemoth that relentlessly pulls the listener into its dark machine world.

Lords Of Acid - Lust

2017-04-17 (News)

"Lust" is the debut album by Belgian electronic band Lords Of Acid. Originally released in 1991 "Lust" spawned a series of club hits. As the album's title implies, the tracks touch upon various sexually-related topics, complimented by hardcore techno/new beat/rave electronica sound. This Special Remastered Band Edition features bonus tracks selected from B-sides from the album's singles.

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