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Funker Vogt - Der letzte Tanz

2017-05-18 (News)

As first taster for the all new Funker Vogt album ‘Code of Conduct', here's a special EP. After a few years of silence Gerrit Thomas and Rene Dornbusch enter the dance floors of the world again, accompanied by none other than singer Chris L. (Agonoize / The Sexorcist) on the microphone! Hard-hitting and merciless as ever Funker Vogt will attack the dance floors with catchy dance tracks again.
‘Der letzte Tanz' attracts with his hymnic and ear-catching melody and owns all ingedients that are necessary to become another great hit. The EP features 4 different versions of the title-track plus the exclusive song ‘Blut und Schmerz'.

Stahlmann - Bastard

2017-05-17 (News)

First single "Bastard/Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei" was the first glimpse of the upcoming album "Bastard".
Not only because of their unique silvery look Stahlmann became one of the most important bands of the genre and in addition to their typical powerful musical style, their brute but catchy lyrics and singer Mart’s deep, distinctive voice, their intense live performances prove this status as well.

Subterfuge - Blind to Reason

2017-05-16 (News)

Brand new material is culminating in the 9 track album "Blind to Reason". Comparisons have been made in the past to The Sisters of Mercy and will most likely continue to be made with this new album. There is also a hint of Depeche Mode's darker stylings in some of the slower tracks. One third of the new album is penned by the original duo of Clifford Ennis and Rick Mullen and see's Subterfuge evolve into a slightly more sophisticated sound, but still very much goth, dark and saturated in glorious melancholy both musically and lyrically.

Fix8:Sed8 - Foren6

2017-05-15 (News)

Fïx8:Sëd8 are classic representatives of retro electro utilising movie samples, intricate sequences, and mid-tempo beats, so it is obvious that this musical journey is heading towards. Melodic, intricate synth sequences, complex drum patterns, wobbling bass lines as well as appealing harmonic arrangements capture the listener's imagination right from the start.
The complex arrangements are never an end unto themselves, but merely a tool in the struggle against monotony. The bottom line is always a melodic and atmospheric song that consciously needs a concentrated listening and then strongly burns into your mind.
The new album is mastered by fellow musician Thorn (2nd Face), which makes "Foren6" Martin Sane's best-produced record thus far.

Various Artists - Infacted Compilation Vol. 6

2017-05-10 (News)

The sixth part of the well established "Infacted Compilation" series again brings us 15 (!) all new exclusive, rare and mixed songs by bands such as Vanguard, Machinista, Rroyce, Ruined Conflict, Binary Park, Frame of Mind, Lights oF Euphorie, The Firm Inc., Frozen Plasma, E-Craft and others with a total running time of more then 75 minutes!
A massive collection of dance tunes, the CD version is again limited to only 1000 copies worldwide and will not be re-pressed.
The album features future pop, electro, harsh electronic beats and dark electro at it’s best.

Spectra*Paris - Retromachine Betty

2017-05-08 (News)

Spectra*Paris is the alternative project of enigmatic Elena Alice Fossi, lead singer of Italian cult-outfit Kirlian Camera, and supported by Legend producer John Fryer. Their third album "Retromachine Betty" breathes and lives the spirit of 80's electronic Pop and Wave and the almost forgotten vibe of bands like Visage or Desireless. Spectra*Paris lean on both, the memory of 80ies pop (Star Bubbles, Alice (Geistersterne)) lightness and innocence as well as the DNA of Kirlian Camera, a heavy Electropop darkness (Ludovico Technique, Metrolynx) mixed with the grandeur and electronic club-induced melancholy that constituted the Electro-Wave underground sound of the 8o's.

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