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Council of Nine, Alphaxone, Xerxes The Dark, Wolves and Horses - Tomb of Seers

2017-02-12 (News)

"Tomb of Seers" is the second album in the "Tomb" series. This time 4 ambient artists join forces to delve deep into history. Explore gargantuan mystical monuments and the root of occultism. Visit secret orders and meditate in front of crumbling stone temples. Open your third eye and dig into the ancient core of clairvoyance.
Dark drone and huge walls of sound takes you to far away places lost in time.

Written, Produced, Performed: Council of Nine, Alphaxone, Xerxes The Dark, Wolves and Horses.
Artwork and Mastering: Simon Heath.

Depeche Mode - Spirit

2017-02-10 (News)

Depeche Mode's new album "Spirit" will be released digitally and physically worldwide as a standard 12 track release. The band will also release a 2-CD Deluxe version of the album featuring a special 28-page booklet of exclusive artwork and photos, along with 5 remixes created by Depeche Mode, Matrixxman and Kurt Uenala, collectively entitled the ‘Jungle Spirit Mixes’. All artwork and photographs accompanying the album are by Depeche Mode’s longtime creative collaborator and renowned filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

Deine Lakaien - XXX-The 30 Years Retrospective

2017-02-09 (News)

This album was released already in October last year, but due to some legal issues it is only now made available outside Germany! 30 Years, 30 Tracks by one of the most successful German Darkwave bands of all times! Coming in Digipak with 8 pages booklet. CD1 features 15 of the most successful Songs of the Bands in chronological order - incl. many single Hits. Also in chronological order, CD2 features the 'secret hits' of the Duo plus three very interesting remixes of 'Colour'ize' (the very first Song, the band ever recorded!), 'Love Me to the End' (probably their most successful songs ever) and 'Kasmodiah', from the same album.

Chris Pohl - Lebe deinen Traum

2017-02-08 (News)

Chris Pohl in his first book "Lebe deinen Traum", provides deep insights into his past, as well as into the history of Blutengel and all of his projects.The book recounts how Chris Pohl became what he is today, how his projects came into being and provides the most in-depth insight into the development of his most successful band, ever.
"Lebe deinen Traum" is pure and unfiltered Chris Pohl, in his own words, 100% subjective and authentic. The book also features a complete list of all releases that Chris Pohl was involved in, including cover art, plus a lot of previously unreleased photos, including private shots from Chris Pohl's youth and early years, exclusive photo sets, as well as a lot of glimpses behind the scenes.

Monolog - Conveyor

2017-02-07 (News)

Mads Lindgren’s Monolog project is constantly changing, aiming for extremities and seeking them musically, technically and emotionally. Whether it is hammering the drums or creating soothing harmonies, these musical poles are given life by intense binding of contrasts. His album 'Conveyor’, sums up recent steps in a harder, more dense and direct form that is new and yet unheard to the Monolog alias. Brilliantly produced and carefully composed, the ten tracks offer dense, overwhelming walls of forging beats, thundering bass drones, majestic keyboard lines and well-integrated samples.

The Godfathers - A Big Bad Beautiful Noise

2017-02-06 (News)

Legendary British band The Godfathers returns with a triumphant bang! Known for the highly acclaimed & influential albums 'Birth School Work Death' & 'Hit By Hit' that have had critics & fans worldwide drooling over the band for decades, the new album fuses trademark primal rock & roll, super-melodic anthems, raw guitars & a gritty, lyrical attitude.

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