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Hologram_ - Amen: Requiem for Heart Fragment

2016-11-03 (News)

Hologram_ deconstructs and extends something personal by borrowing and using external forces' phantasmagoria.
The eleven tracks offer a stunning combination of sounds and styles that mixes industrial elements with cinematic orchestration, idm and glitch. Heavy repetitive beats, sparse, syncopated percussion patterns and massive bass lines containing prominent low frequencies carry an intoxicating fusion of darkened futuristic epic soundscapes and melodies.

Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronze

2016-11-02 (News)

Just like the alloy this album is named after, Crippled Black Phoenix's music is made of metal and non-metal elements. Dark rock forms the base ingredient in the musical amalgamation process, but it is the addition of metal, progressive influences, gothic, wave, even pop, and many other elements as well as a changing cast of musicians that result in each song shining with its own individual hue and tone. Yet a deep sense of anguish, despair, longing, loss, melancholy, and nostalgia forms a binding force that holds 'Bronze' together and formulates an encompassing theme.

Mondträume - Free

2016-10-31 (News)

While they are still in studio busy recording their much awaited new album "Lovers, Liars & Sinners", Mondträume reveal now their new single titled, "Free". A new club song perfectly capturing their unique melancholic tones and highly emotional dark vocals.
Aesthetische turn "Free" into a modern dance club anthem, Venal Flesh reinforce the somber side of the song.
We then get "Still Beating", one of the band’s most touching song dedicated to cancer patients. This beautiful noir pop song was remixed here by Ruined Conflict as well as Cold Kill.

Dronny Darko - Spira Igneus

2016-10-29 (News)

This album is dark. Having more in common with the "Outer Tehom" release than "Neuroplasticity".
Massive deep drone builds momentum as reality cracks open to reveal the darkness of the void.
The majestic "Spira Igneus" humming in a frequency long forgotten. Lunacy caught form between damp tears and unholy chants. Ancient secrets uttered between clenched teeth in tortured whimper and lingering whispers.
Ambient, minimalist drone and nightmarish dark ambient.
Written, Produced, Performed - Oleg Puzan, Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Depeche Mode – Video Singles Collection

2016-10-28 (News)

Depeche Mode’s "Video Singles Collection", includes 55 newly restored versions of the essential video singles in the DM canon in addition to four rare alternate videos and new commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release. The set presents more than three decades worth of Depeche Mode’s international hit singles directed by cinematic visionaries including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others.
Throughout Depeche Mode’s career, the group has placed an essential emphasis on the quality of their videos, collaborating with world-class directors and crews on some of the most influential and powerful short films in music video history. It is the first in a series of band-approved retrospective projects examining Depeche Mode’s extraordinary career and effect on pop culture and marks the first time that DM’s video singles–from 1981 to 2013–have been compiled together in a single anthology.

ASP - GeistErfahrer

2016-10-27 (News)

ASP are versatile. Changeable. Without compromise. Not only is singer and mastermind Asp the person who brought us the 'gothic novel rock' genre, and at the same time he never fails to write, indeed describe, the often rapidly expanding stories on a personal and emotional level. Despite all the complexity, he nevertheless makes it easy for you to empathasise with such sombre figures as the 'Schwarzer Schmetterling', to fall in love with a spooky decoy called 'Astoria', as the 'Zaubererbruder'. There can always be found a subliminal tone that is critical of society and which induces you to contemplation. Social ethics are woven in as an element that comes alive. On "GeistErfahrer" album Asp got his good friend Timo Wuerz on board, who created over 50 (!) pages of new artwork for the re-release.

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