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News about Amphi Festival 2012


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We have three infos, about Amphi Festival 2012 for you today. Let us start, with the bad one...
Unfortunately the band Front Line Assembly cancelled all their shows for summer 2012 with this original statement:

"After much thought and considering we regret to inform our fans that we will be unable to perform at any summer shows we are currently booked for.
After an extensive tranche of shows supporting our last record we have to decided to spend next year focusing on writing and delivering new albums; an instrumental of tracks that will be featured in the videogame AirMech from Carbon Games, a new full length LP, and possibly a new Noise Unit record. Our apologies to any promoters/fans this may affect in a negative manner, we look forward to releasing new material and playing shows further down the road.
All the best,

To substitute FLA, organizers managed to bring up something splendid. So now we will give you the good news: Conjure One will perform with very special set!

Rhys Fulber, known as a long-term member and producer of many classic FLA-tunes decided to storm into the breach with his project CONJURE ONE. Paying respect to the given situation of Front Line Assembly having cancelled their show, Rhys Fulber announced to play a unique set, that includes songs from Conjure One, as well as some Delerium tracks and a selection of FLA-classics that haven’t been spotted in a live-set for several years.

And the third news is another special show, named "Henke – plays Goethes Erben"

On Saturday, 21st July, Oswald Henke takes aim for the "Theater am Tanzbrunnen". First hitting the stage with his current reading performance "Die Zeit Formt" ("time shapes") he will make a second appearance later that day, playing one of the most definite concert highlights of the Amphi Festival 2012.

Oswald Henke and his band Henke will take you away on a musical journey through time, debauching in the morbid-romanticism of Goethes Erben. Alongside many treasured tunes, which heavily influenced the darkwave- and gothic scene from the early 1990s a selection of recent tracks from the band Henke will also be part of this exclusive vintage-set. With his dynamic and dramatic presence, Oswald Henke makes one hell of a master on stage, always ready to surprise you with something weird when you expect it the least.

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