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Nine Inch Nails

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Nine Inch Nails (Zimni Stadion, that is a skating rink…) 18. Aug 2007. Prague

We left Wroclaw in the morning. The atmosphere in the bus was awesome ("why don't we play some music? Yeah! This band starting with 'n' would be the best! Yeah! Nelly Furtado!".) We got there at about 4 pm. By the stadium there were only the members of the band's fan club, who were allowed to enter before everyone else. I have to admit that I was surprised with the behaviour of the audience – politeness (it cannot be said about the audience attending some Polish concerts.) As the support The Dandy Warhols played. Everyone was standing peacefully, no one was jostling, there wasn't any crush, no one was suffocating. The band had been playing for about 40 minutes and then they were gone.

But let's get down to the point. It all started with "Hyperpower!", and the people were just bouncing with energy. The band played on but nonetheless we were waiting only for the one and only Reznor. "The Beginning of The End" – shout, squeal, scream, everyone went forward. The set list was like a listeners choice: "Closer", "Burn", "Wish", "Gave Up" and many, many more. 23 tracks altogether (the same as in Bratislava, but what the hell – they're giving, we're taking) and we still wanted more.

The scrum on the field was unbelievable. My fight for survival paid off – 4th row and Reznor was within my grasp. During "March of the Pigs" Aaron fell into the audience, and apart from him, one could grasp 2 tambourines, a microphone and huge amounts of water (the thing you won't see during Polish concerts.) The band was surprised with such a vivid reaction from the audience (at one point we moved the barriers nearly 2 meters in the direction of the stage, the security didn't manage to cope with it.)

It was clear that the band liked it. Trent told someone to turn on the lights, because, as he said, he wanted to have a look on us. And so he started to say how happy he was and that that was one of the best concerts on the tour.

I must admit that the concert version of "The Great Destroyer" sounded greatly superior to the version from the album – it wasn't that striking.

The average age of the people in the auditorium was above 30, but there were also some 60-year-old grandmas (one of whom was standing nearby and she was really dancing away.) We indulged Trent's every whim, we reacted like well-trained dogs – the fun was just awesome. Someone even threw on the stage a t-shirt which was unfolded with reverence and then hidden away by Reznor. The concert ended with a showpiece "Hurt" sung by the Michael Reznor alone.

The light effects are also worth mentioning (as always on a very high level) – a great lowering screen, colourful spotlights. No one was trampled, if someone had fallen down, he or she might have counted on others' help. The taller people made way to the shorter ones. Poles were a considerable part of the audience. Perhaps we will live to see the NIN in Poland (yes, our representatives had brought our flag and an appropriate sign with them.) Despite of some bruises on my body and almost a black eye, this was the concert of my life.


The Beginning of the End
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Gave Up
Me, I'm Not
The Great Destroyer
The Good Soldier
No, you Don't
The Day The Whole World Went Away
Dead Souls
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole
Translator: happyjunkie
Add date: 2007-11-22 / Live reports

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