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Nox Arcana - Legion Of Shadows

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Nox Arcana marks it's 10 year anniversary with the release of LEGION OF SHADOWS. Nox Arcana founder Joseph Vargo, draws inspiration from his loyal listening audience for his latest album.
Vargo, who has been producing dark, haunting works with various bands and musical projects for over two decades, states "To celebrate the band's 10 year anniversary, I wanted to create an album that was entirely dedicated to Nox Arcana's fans, our very own Legion of Shadows. Our fans are the best. They are a very creative group of artistic-minded people who find beauty in darkness. I get countless letters from fans relaying their own stories of how the music of Nox Arcana has inspired their own artistic spirits. Many of them have definite ideas and suggestions for concepts and musical themes. I took all of this to heart, and used their input as the basis for the tracks on the new album.
My goal with Nox Arcana has always been to create music from the shadows for creatures of the night, and I wanted this album to really reflect all aspects of this mindset.
In addition to Nox Arcana's darkly romantic and haunting original pieces, the album will also gothic version of Bach's classic "Toccata and Fugue".

Legion of Shadows is slated for release later this year.
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Source: / 2013-08-31 / News

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